Law of Sines, Basic Introduction, AAS & SSA – One Solution, Two Solutions vs No Solution, Trigonomet

Law of Sines, Basic Introduction, AAS & SSA - One Solution, Two Solutions vs No Solution, Trigonomet

Law of Sines, Basic Introduction, AAS & SSA – One Solution, Two Solutions vs No Solution, Trigonomet

This trigonometry video tutorial provides a basic introduction into the law of sines. It explains how to find the value of the missing side of a triangle or the missing angle. it explains how to solve AAS and SSA triangles using the law of sines formula. It helps you to tell if the triangle has one solution, two solutions, or no solution. This tutorial contains plenty of examples and practice problems.

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50 Responses to “Law of Sines, Basic Introduction, AAS & SSA – One Solution, Two Solutions vs No Solution, Trigonomet”

  1. Briana Brijmohan says:

    Does it matter how we set up the ratio, because when my teacher taught this he had SinA/a instead of a/SinA?

  2. R E I / A L I A says:

    i love you so fucking much thank you sm.

  3. reo says:

    thaank u i love u sir

  4. Mc Kyle Dodongo says:

    John 3:16"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."As it was,Go Check S.C.1 for more Proof of Daniel 7:25 Effect

  5. Vanz says:

    10/10 cuz of u i luv this guy

  6. KENjie_ VLog says:

    How to solve Sin Cos bla bla I can't get the right answer

  7. Satan says:

    I want to know how old this guy is. Sounds 20/21

  8. Chris Lee says:

    how do we know when to use arcsin or sin

  9. Jon Lloyd Magbanua says:

    rounding off is my problem, I don't know which

  10. Leonard Calimlim says:

    what if the problem is given as a = 50 b = 30 a= 45 degrees? do we still use the a = 45 degrees as the angle for a = 50?

  11. I'mshow red says:

    Life saver

  12. Van Ralf Aguas says:

    Can you do an example where the sines of side a and b are unkown and side c is unkown?

  13. Sam Oliver says:

    Thank you so much. I was online and not paying attention. Learned what my test is over from 5 mins from this video

  14. Daniel Kastner says:

    Bro my teacher is terrible, you are a life saver

  15. Rhandell Songcaya says:

    Tagalog dubbed pls HAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. 1984 Toyota Corolla says:

    thank you man you help a lot because i took all honors and its hard with qurantine

  17. Denise Dixon says:

    You gave opposite equations for the law of sines between this video and your video called "How To Calculate The Missing Side Length of a Triangle!!" From your other video, you said sin A/a=sinB/b=sinC/c NOT a/sinA=b/sinB=c/sinC. How can you have opposite equations that get different results for the same topic? And the book Trigonometry for Dummies gives both together equation sinA/a=sinB/b=sinC/c and a/sinA=b/sinB=c/sinC!!!!!!

  18. Sonic Fun and Tips says:

    2:23 “ok what just happened here”
    Me: 😐

  19. lahiru wickramagedara says:

    Why devide by sin 60 only. Please some one answer me..

  20. pralhad mete says:

    I calculated all calculations but your and my calulations doest match (i calculated in degree )😁

  21. Benjamin Feldman says:

    Thank you man!

  22. Leo C says:

    Do y’all have to do ALEKS too because your teacher doesn’t wanna teach anyone anything?

  23. Brick Studios says:

    You have know idea how helpful this video is. Thank goodness you took the time to make this video

  24. Wasitha Jayasinghe says:

    By the this sooo alue for me tooo as aA/L student

  25. Wasitha Jayasinghe says:

    Bro what is the software that you using for teaching maths

  26. Deep DANKEST says:


  27. Unanimous D says:

    the triangle has no solutions

    me with an answer: 💀👀😐🧐

  28. Yest Skidest says:

    Thank god for you, dude. I did not understand this at all because of quarantine

  29. Chanse Chanse says:

    You make more sense than Khan

  30. Fran Tot says:

    13:21 how on earth do u get 1.089, its 1.087 when rounded

  31. Art by SK says:

    Wow I didn’t know that we could to a cross multiple that’s much easier than what I studied in class! Ty >3

  32. Anonymous says:

    20:06 and that's why ASS can't be a reason of proving congruent triangles.

  33. Lizeth Rodriguez says:


  34. Tatiana B says:

    can someone tell me why in minute 3:10 he wrote side A as 8 when in the triangle that was drawn, 8 is clearly in side B??

  35. Fail Radio says:

    Im only here for minecraft…

  36. Ashna Singh says:

    im learning this in middle school and this really helped.

  37. Paola Garcia says:

    I love you man

  38. Luis Diaz says:

    And the law of sine (all three ratios) is equal to 2 times the radius or the diameter of a circle with the triangle inside touching the circle.

  39. Po Tato says:

    Are there any obtuse triangles?


    Does it apply 2 possible solutions to the law of cosine?

  41. NorthSider says:

    Thank you! I appreciate since "online school" is very hard… And it's driving me crazy haha 😂

  42. Lt ay says:

    At 8:04 you are saying there are two solutions, but on this SSA triangle that is acute side a is larger than side b so there would only be one solution. You would not need to have that other solution.

  43. Tim Tran says:


  44. Natt Lore says:

    Thank you so much🥺

  45. dis microwave tech support says:

    What if for an ssa triangle you got the angle of B but you only got the side lengths of a and c, how would you solve the triangle then?

  46. MDK Shady says:

    Could you have used Pythagorean to solve for side c at 11:35

  47. Mounikeer says:

    omg how can someone make trignometry seem so simple like this? im so impressed! straightforward and on point. thanks for your hard work. <3

  48. Patricia Maye Casulla says:


  49. renebaebae's lil monster says:

    In 5:18, shouldn't it be 7.08 instead of 7.07 because the answer is 7.076415447??

  50. Autumn Little says:

    i hate math

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