Learn Algebra 1 Substitution Method

Learn Algebra 1 Substitution Method

Learn Algebra 1 Substitution Method

Learn how to use the substitution method to solve systems of equations in this free math video tutorial by Mario’s Math Tutoring. This lesson is one of the free lessons in the Learn Algebra 1 video course for sale.

00:00 Intro
0:08 What is a Solution to a System of Equations
0:36 Introductory Example Solving Using Substitution Method
2:26 Example 1 Solve 3x+2y=10, 2x-y=10
2:32 Identify One of the Variable to Solve for and Rewrite Equation
3:04 Substitute Into 2nd Equation
4:19 How to Check the Solution
4:56 Example 2 7x-2y=-1, x+3y=13
6:38 Example 3 (1/2)x+(1/5)y=(-3/10), (3/10)x+(1/10)y=(-1/5)
6:48 How to Clear the Denominator
8:39 Example 4 0.7x-0.9y=-3.2, 0.1x + 0.2y = 0.2
8:43 How to Clear the Decimals
10:19 Example 5 Story (Word) Problem
11:03 Hint for Picking a Variable

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  1. Ghousia Khalid says:

    sir with due respect you explain very fast that does not help

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    Thank you so much. This really helped me with my math homework.

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    why cant my math teacher be like this guy

  4. chris just sucks says:

    i love this guy

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    Bro i have a quiz about this and i was so confused thanks for this this helped

  7. violence says:

    im slow i still dont know

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    weird i got a math add as soon as i watched this video youtube is wierd

  9. Team Crescents says:

    amazing! My teacher was too fast and not clear. This really helps

  10. This Abundant Life says:

    Shucks, this is my firsts year of algebra, and oh! Im so glad I found you.The Lord is good!

  11. Abdul Rahim Sankar says:

    Can we all just appreciate that this guy replies to everyone he can and also makes all of us understand more than the whole lesson of school

  12. Corrupted Soul says:

    How is this so much more understandable than my actual math teacher?

  13. Katriona Lois Aquino says:

    Can I have fraction as my answer?

  14. #14 Cole Behrman says:

    This is the greatest man ever

  15. Abandoned Account says:

    Thank you so much. This helped me with substitution. I searched everywhere for videos about this. When I found this video, I understood it. You are very good at teaching.

  16. Mia L says:

    So much better than school! Instead of just blatantly saying what to do, you actually try to help viewers understand! Thank you for helping


    can you do


  18. 5th Element says:

    Hi Mario…if you ever get a chance to chat please contact me. I am a certified secondary mathematics teacher. Ive been wanting to make educational videos myself but dont know where to start. Is utube a good place to earn a few extra dollars? Thank you

  19. YT-DSM says:

    I’m still confused

  20. Hátím Laarőúśśí says:

    Thx you make it much more simple than it is

  21. Purple Dino says:

    Teaches in under a minute. What a legend. I got this with the first example. you are a legend.

  22. Ella Dunnigan says:

    this is amazing thank you so much

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    Thx dude! My exam is in 4 days haha

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    Very good informational video brother

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