Lesson 1 – What Is A Derivative? (Calculus 1 Tutor)

Lesson 1 - What Is A Derivative?  (Calculus 1 Tutor)

Lesson 1 – What Is A Derivative? (Calculus 1 Tutor)

This is just a few minutes of a complete course.
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In this lesson we discuss the concept of the derivative in calculus. First, we will discuss what is a derivative in simple terms and work numerous derivative examples. Next we will explain how derivatives work in calculus including the rules of derivatives.

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28 Responses to “Lesson 1 – What Is A Derivative? (Calculus 1 Tutor)”

  1. LibertyChap says:

    "It's gonna be like 3rd Grade math.."

    When you find 3rd Grade math hard

  2. MIK Anikz says:

    9:36 strange noise 😂

  3. abdelrahman m says:

    I knew NOBODY could teach me this except YOU…

  4. Eirik skeide says:

    bønnemannen var her

  5. Leonard Evanson says:

    Excellent lesson in basic differential calculus

  6. China Sailor says:

    Mixing a WHOLE lot of very very very very simple algebra concepts into this topic…. No one that hasn’t mastered those topics should be watching this video. Had to literally FFWD the video to the end to get 2 mins of useable info

  7. FBI says:

    Thankyou Sir many God bless to you

  8. Anna M says:

    what a man!!! 'like 3rd grade maths'

  9. Jalil Damirchiyev says:

    many many thanks from Azerbaijan

  10. Greg Hartwick says:

    Oh, my! I didn’t do well in third grade math.

  11. Knarf X says:

    “Calculus just sound mean” 😂😂, awesome teacher 🔥💪

  12. Su Bose says:

    Beautifully explained.

    But I had one problem.
    – Distance is a quadratic function of time, when velocity is changing uniformly, in other words Acceleration is constant. Therefore function of Distance with respect to Time will be "t square" (t 2). Understood.
    – Velocity is changing linearly with time if acceleration is constant. That's why its a straight sloping line – a linear function. The slope of this line is the acceleration. It is a constant value. There Function of Velocity with respect to Time is a linear function. A "t" with it's coefficient as the "slope" which is actually the Acceleration.
    This slope can be any value .. depending on the acceleration. Am I right?

    Why did you use the numeral 2 as the example of its slope? 
    It creates a confusion, because Derivative of t 2 is indeed 2t (I have studied calculus in college) .. however if we go by looking at the slope as Acceleration is could be a 3 or a 4 (which we know is not the derivative of t square).. 
    It's not clear .. (head scratching student) .. this slope theory is not holding for student / viewer.

    – However if we continue with the graph analogy we see that since Acceleration is constant .. a graph of Acceleration vs Time t being constant is a flat line parallel to t – axis with value of the 'slope' we found in the previous graph of Velocity Vs Time. In the example it was taken as 2 .. which is fine .. but it could be 3 or 4 or whatever numeral

    Just pointing out a confusion that may occur for newbies encountering Derivatives for the first time.
    Maybe I missed something! (It's been 30 years since I did any calculus at all .. I was here to look for Videos that would help my child with calculus)


  13. Sassy says:

    Excellent. This concept could not have been explained any simpler. This teacher should teach the teachers how to teach calculus…….

  14. Michelle F says:

    Wow, the best teacher on Youtube. Am not an engineer, just wonder why most of the teachers can't explain calculous is a manner that kids or an average Jane like me can understand. Big thank you!!

  15. Jitu Brahmbhatt says:

    There are not bad students only bad teachers. These Teachers are excellent. All teachers in schools, colleges should undergo these teaching techniques, and they will take out the “terror “out from Calculus.

  16. 100M says:

    24:04 agree lol

  17. William Edmondson says:

    You explain it so clearly, I think I can understand Einstein; Soon anyway.

  18. Miguel Ferreira Mouta Junior says:

    See this video before YT remove it.

  19. David Wang says:

    my chem teacher said his son (4 YEARS OLD) is doing calculus
    he said its easy

  20. anil sharma says:

    Any logarithmic relationship between integrated and differential form of function ???
    So we get rid of lengthy calculation

  21. anil sharma says:

    Any percentage relationship between differential and integrated forms of function
    So we don't required any lengthy calculation

    Any coefficients of correlation between differential and integrated forms of same function ??
    So we get rid of lengthy calculation

  22. elementalneil says:

    This is beautiful

  23. Jim C says:

    Mate – you are an excellent teacher!

  24. Teacher :abdalsalam Alkhateeb says:

    Very nice

  25. Patrick Romo says:

    Best calculus teacher I ever had… Online

  26. Johnvell Castillo says:

    Sir where is the part 2 of this video ?

  27. M_to_the_S says:

    Where can I find the second part of this tutor??

  28. ibrahimissa Issa says:

    Best teacher I have ever listened to

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