Lesson 17 – Calculating Standard Deviation (Statistics Tutor)

Lesson 17 - Calculating Standard Deviation (Statistics Tutor)

Lesson 17 – Calculating Standard Deviation (Statistics Tutor)

This is just a few minutes of a complete course.
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The student will learn how to take raw data and calculate the standard deviation and interpret the results.

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7 Responses to “Lesson 17 – Calculating Standard Deviation (Statistics Tutor)”

  1. Norma Lilian Barahona says:

    The best videos on Statistics. What a great way to explain. Love it!!

  2. Vane Vane says:

    Hey…. Incomplete

  3. Samira Nadja says:

    if any of you got 6.49 as the s.d lmk lol

  4. Kailee Grace says:

    Thank you for these statistics videos. I go to Citrus College in California and your videos are supplementing my in-class lessons.

  5. lafayette jones says:

    if you not going put a full explanation put a warning in the begining or dont post at all. wtf!

  6. Chandra Shekhar says:

    Some of your videos are not full:(

  7. Klimmm says:

    As a beginner taking statistic. Out of all the videos watched, your methods make sense the most. Thanks for making things easier for me!!!

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