Letter from an Employee Requesting for a Reference

I want to apply for the post of Marketing Manager which has been advertised by ____________ (Company Name), ____________ (Place Name). I want to mention your name as one of the two referees in my application for this post. I have been quite happy here and during my service under you for over ____________ (Years). I have gained a lot of valuable experience and expertise in the field of Marketing and Management. Since the post advertised is exceptionally good, offering me an excellent chance for advancement, I want to apply for it, otherwise I would not have thought to leave your company. To the best of my knowledge and belief, you have always been satisfied with my work and many a time you were kind enough to express your appreciation for my work. In the light of these facts I am to request you to give a favourable reply when they ask you for reference while considering my application for the job.

I shall be ever thankful for this act of favour and kindness.

With best regards
Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

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