Letter Giving a Qualified Reference– Sample

We are in receipt of your letter of ____________ (Date) enquiring about ____________ (Name) who had been in our service from ____________ (Date) to ____________ (Date) on which date his services were terminated. During his service with us we found him a competent Junior Engineer. He understands his job well and has good practical experience. His only defect is that he is short tempered and sometimes whimsical. One day out of intemperance he insulted one of our very senior officers in the presence of his juniors and subordinates and so we dismissed him immediately.

However, this loss of job has been a severe lesson to him and as our knowledge goes, he is now a changed person. If you can have a firm check on him in this respect, I am sure he would prove an asset for your company. As an engineer he has a few equals.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

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