Linear Equations in Two Variable Class 10th Maharashtra Board New Syllabus Part 2

Linear Equations in Two Variable Class 10th Maharashtra Board New Syllabus Part 2

Linear Equations in Two Variable Class 10th Maharashtra Board New Syllabus Part 2

Hello friends
Linear Equation in Two Variable Class 10th Maharashtra Board New Syllabus Part 2
This is very important topic from 10th point of view, one question will be definitely asked in the exam, this is very simple topic try to learn it ans solve extra question. You will learn the following things
1. Find the solutions of ( ordered pair)
2. Preparing table of solution
3. Plotting the points on the graph
4. Find the solution graphycally
5. Activities of class 10th Maharashtra board
6. Practice Set 1.2 all questions
Please watch this video till the end……..
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Pawan Wagh

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    Very easy method,sir,students can.easily grasp the simple method are making the subject and concept easy..

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