Matrix Operations | Algebra | Chegg Tutors

Matrix Operations | Algebra | Chegg Tutors

Matrix Operations | Algebra | Chegg Tutors

Basic operations on matrices:
To add or subtract matrices they must have the same number of rows and columns.
Addition: M = A + B; zij = aij + bij (to form a new matrix z, to element in row i, column j of matrix A add element in row i, column j of matrix B)
Subtraction: M = A – B; zij = aij – bij (to element in row i, column j of matrix A deduct element in row i, column j of matrix B)
Multiplication/Division by a scalar: zij = c*aij; m = zij = 1/c*aij = aij/c where c is the constant (scalar)
Multiplication: M = A*B, if the number of columns in A = number of rows in B; zij = ai1*b1j + ai2*b2j + ….aim*bnj (add the products obtained by multiplying elements in each i row of matrix A by elements in each j column of matrix i)


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