McGraw-Hill Math Tutoring –

McGraw-Hill Math Tutoring -

McGraw-Hill Math Tutoring –

McGraw-Hill Math Tutoring from – – over 1000 online math lessons aligned to the McGraw-Hill Math textbooks and featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson.

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20 Responses to “McGraw-Hill Math Tutoring –”

  1. pokeapple says:

    This guy needs to get laid

  2. Albert Einstein says:

    you can solve it further for "x"

  3. Eva Alba says:

    I am 10 and I understood that

  4. Kira Cruz says:

    I'm still not completely sure as to how that was the final answer ….. But I get an idea of it :/

  5. BlueCore says:

    I noticed that too lol.

  6. ChiKid 312 says:

    He looks like Ezra from Pretty Little Liars.

  7. Cris Capilayan says:

    x times x is x squared…

  8. Leah Rebecca says:

    He looks looks my supply teacher

  9. Twebet says:

    @neverforgotten03 5 x 5 is the same as 5 squared. Squared simply means multiplying it by itself. So y x y = y^2 and x times x = x^2 or x squared, get it?

  10. Gankyo AU says:

    Like if you notice that all his Shirts are bigger than him ><

  11. godwhyisthistaken says:

    damn that was nice, great vid

  12. Natty D says:

    There is "fancy" word for multiplication of binomials, another one for the order of operations ……. So we are teaching them to remember those words, instead of to teach them to memorize the rules, to analise the problems and to apply those rules properly. If there will be trinomial or any other polynomial, which students will have to multiply …. What should they do?


    Can you actually organize all of them in specific category?!?

  14. BibJha says:

    Wow, he taught me something that my math teacher taught me in an hour…. And he didn't even talk that fast!

  15. Christine Pramuk says:


  16. filmtoaster says:

    I got something taught to me in 1 and half minutes, while it took my teacher an Hour.

  17. Nacho Nacho says:

    it's hard to tell between x (letter) and multiplication sign with the way you americans write it :S

  18. Johnny Blair says:

    @Rudeboyenosh dont worry about it you just get your lesson

  19. Johnny Blair says:

    @MrZainb accountent

  20. Johnny Blair says:

    this man looks gay but he is teaching good though.

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