Nancy has a new math channel, NancyPi!

Nancy has a new math channel, NancyPi!

Nancy has a new math channel, NancyPi!

Hi! It’s Nancy, formerly of MathBFF. This is my new channel! All my new videos will be here! I’m really glad to see you found me over here. Please subscribe here for all my new videos, and please spread the news! I’m moving to this new channel and will be here from now on. Thank you all for your support. Lots of love to you guys 💗

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38 Responses to “Nancy has a new math channel, NancyPi!”

  1. Michael L Walker says:

    I just found this channel, and it seems you’re not making new videos. 😩

  2. Anshu Rajbhar says:

    One of the most beautiful youtube teachers,

  3. Yeah Yeah says:

    i love you youre the only person i understand

  4. نوره ياسمين says:

    Hi Nancy, I like the way you teach you have a magical ability to enter information in the mind of the student. As a student in civil engineering, first stage, my colleagues and I have a problem in understanding some topics such as derivatives and parabolas and other topics. I hope that we will continue to explain this topic

  5. Mein Bünny says:

    Are you from the animated story video?

  6. Gohil Vedansh says:

    Why stop your new video of maths at 1 year

  7. Sashwat Raghuwanshi says:

    now again she is not active on this channel has she moved to new channel or what has happened .

  8. SN.SENCER isak says:

    Kolay gelsin hocam 🤗

  9. Linda Beals says:

    Your Magic X way to factoring polynomials is THE.BEST!

  10. Ped Manicia says:

    I like your method. You explain so well. Always timely for my tutorials.

  11. Mark Zajac says:

    I'm excited about relearning Calculus and how better than to learn while enjoying your beautiful smile and listening to your calming voice.💜
    I'll try to stay focused 😊

  12. Mathematics With Asad khalid says:

    You are amazing Teacher Of Mathematics. Learned A lot From You from Pakistan🇵🇰

  13. Sayed Ali Yahya Azhar says:

    beautiful as always

  14. Tech with shashin says:

    nicely enterrtaining.

  15. Kay's Mini Podcasts says:

    I came back to her channel, just to say this. I randomly figured out how you write backwards. You don't. You write forwards and then when editing, you flip the film. I.Figured.It. Out.

  16. Caleb Cheruiyot says:

    I love how you do mathematics Nancy. You inspire me!

  17. Arwen Bennett says:

    Will you be posting anything on Precise Definition of a Limit ?

  18. Thật Nguyễn says:

    A real love for Nancy

  19. twomillionflowers says:

    Nancy you are the only person who has made maths penetrable for me. Thank you.

  20. Anurag sharma says:

    I am not even in school 🤦🤦🤦😂😂😂

  21. ConnorBoolin says:

    girl you lookin like a straight up 10/10=1 lol love you, why don't you return my calls </3 my heart yearns for your soft math related love

  22. suleman ijaz says:

    Can you help out???

  23. suleman ijaz says:

    I m bigner

  24. suleman ijaz says:

    Can you help

  25. suleman ijaz says:

    Hy i want to know how you can mad this vdio

  26. suleman ijaz says:


  27. Rea May Torres says:

    hello mam nancy, thank u for sharing your video lessons. God bless.

  28. Pk Dwivedi says:

    What is ur website address please

  29. Ahbar Ahad says:

    Why is there somebody else on mathbff?

  30. tikaram bhattarai says:


  31. Nooby Gamer says:

    I wish every math teacher was same as u

  32. Alba Saavedra says:

    new subscriber!!!!

  33. HDś Caffè says:


  34. Fredy Guevara says:

    Thank you very very kindly for all your help, I need all the help I can get with calculus, struggling with calculus

  35. Helderberg Learning Channel says:

    hello nancyPI from South Africa

  36. Nikhil Pant says:

    I love you

  37. Mohd Hafidzul says:

    Hai Nancy, can u share how to make video light board like you did

  38. Sohail Javed abbasi says:

    You looks hot Nancy …wow your brain full of math..

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