Numeracy skills test practice questions Test 1 – All Solutions -QTS Maths Tutor

Numeracy skills test practice questions Test 1 - All Solutions -QTS Maths Tutor

Numeracy skills test practice questions Test 1 – All Solutions -QTS Maths Tutor

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Mental Section
Q1: 0:02, Q2: 1:04, Q3: 2:26, Q4: 3:40, Q5: 4:40, Q6: 7:05, Q7: 8:39, Q8: 10:32, Q9: 11:55, Q10: 13:10, Q11: 13:48, Q12: 16:18

Written Section
Q13: 17:50, Q14: 19:00, Q15: 20:12, Q16: 22:50, Q17: 24:30, Q18: 26:40, Q19: 29:40, Q20: 32:23, Q21: 35:33, Q22: 37:37, Q23: 39:39, Q24: 41:27, Q25: 42:47, Q26: 43:46, Q27: 47:42, Q28: 49:40

Model solutions for numeracy skills practice questions designed and made by QTS Maths Tutor. This includes numeracy skills test tips and both the numeracy skills test mental sections and numeracy skills test written sections.

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30 Responses to “Numeracy skills test practice questions Test 1 – All Solutions -QTS Maths Tutor”

  1. QTS Maths Tutor says:

    ### TAKE FREE PRACTICE TEST: Visit to sit the most up to date practice tests for Free.

  2. tabasum nawaz says:

    Hi just inquiring, how many questions do you need to answer correctly or percentage to pass the test. Please can you let me know ASAP. Thank you for the videos

  3. asha subramaniam says:

    Please help- Can we also get a blank paper during the actual test online/paper based to solve the questions first, as I can not do everything in my mind without writing it down.

  4. Eamon Crosby says:

    Thank you very much this video has been extremely helpful 👌😊

  5. Oliver Ortiz says:

    Math video tutorial on my channel. Subscribe!!!

  6. Nqabisa Zulu says:

    Are all numeracy skills test, multiple choice questions?

  7. strange traveller says:

    What age is this test made for ?

  8. Pinaman Brobby says:

    These questions are very good do you know checkpoint?

  9. NABZ 742 says:

    Thank you so much it really helped me with my maths

  10. Ania Jr says:

    Question 11 – what about second part of the question “any two supervisors do not manage…”.
    Does it not change a number of supervisors – for each 3 supervisors there will be 6 analysts. What mean there is 8 supervisors with team of 6 people and another 16 supervisors without people, so it gives us 24 supervisors and final of 72 people in the office (48analysts + 24supervisors)??
    Could you check that for me please?! Thank you

  11. Harriet S says:

    Last week I came out with a pass in english and a failed numeracy but second attempt after a lot of help from family and your videos I passed, I just wanted to thank you for aiding the opening of doors!

  12. Kylie Newport says:

    I passed my exam! Thank you so much for your videos, they were a fantastic help! When I first attempted the tests, I was only getting a few questions correct. Thank you so much 🙂

  13. MissyJ says:

    I want to teach so badly but actually cried when watching this for the first time as it’s soo hard !! I’m so disheartened 😭😭

  14. Tim Collins says:

    Really enjoyed your video thank you

  15. IceCreamSubs says:

    There are two errors on the free practice test! In your video you said that the correct answer to question 24 is B and D but in the correct answers given after the practice test it only says B… Then for question 26 in your video you said the correct answer is A whereas on the website it says it's B… Please sort this out!

  16. N R says:

    I passed yesterday, thank you so much for your help! And if I can do it, anyone can!

  17. tubefreakmuva says:

    Veryyyy good. Many thanks for this.

  18. Shane Warmed says:

    This is all great but I can’t take a pen and paper out in the test centre can I?

  19. Lewis Price says:

    Skills test was today. No revision other than watching your videos for 3 hours. They definitely helped and I passed both maths and english. Cheers!!!

  20. no-name says:

    Thank you for this video. I've just spent the last three hours going over it. My numeracy skills test is next week. I hope I pass!

  21. Felix B says:

    What year is this exam questions are used for? They seem so incredibly easy here in Canada.

  22. CristianaKarma _JJ says:

    I'm an idiot we learnt this in class last year and now in year 7 I have to look up what numarcy because I wasn't listening

  23. Kristine Diana says:

    I passed! Thank you so much, it's all thanks to you!

  24. mysto says:

    This is my biggest fear. It’s not that I can’t do them. It’s the time you get to do them. It takes me a bit of time to work out. I’m Not very quick with maths.

  25. Dee H says:

    I passed !!!! Thankyou !

  26. NOSHABA J says:

    Hi, you suggest to type the numbers into a calculator, but as far as i'm aware you cannot use a calculator, is this not correct?

  27. LilyJaz83 says:

    Question 20: Why is 100 divided by 2? Is this a formula? I did not understand this 🙁

  28. Bana Al-Khatib says:

    Do I get to solve on an outside paper as such?

  29. Jackie Ndoro says:

    Thanks So much

  30. James Murphy says:

    This is excellent; a teaching tool in itself too for GCSE kids who need a reminder in starters they can beat the teacher! really solid; thanks!

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