Permutations and Combinations Tutorial

Permutations and Combinations Tutorial

Permutations and Combinations Tutorial

This video tutorial focuses on permutations and combinations. It contains a few word problems including one associated with the fundamental counting principle. Permutations are useful to determine the different number of ways to arrange something where as combinations is useful for determining how many ways to combine something when the order does not matter such as selecting members to form a committee. In a permutation, the order matters. Examples include repeated symbols or arranging letters in a word such as alabama or mississippi. This video also discusses the basics of permutations and combinations using letters such as ABCD.

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  1. dinga dylan says:

    bro you just keep amazing me!!!!

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    you've done me a huge favor

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    thank you for your help😚..
    you have a beautiful voice

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    This is hard tho

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    Thank you so much, the simplicity and brief explanation is fantastic

  6. Adwoa Swanzy says:

    make sure to increase the audio a little

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    Thank you!

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    You made things simple for me😊Thank you

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    It is unbelievable how much you know. I am casually waiting for you to make a tutorial on string theory at this point.

  10. Engelbert karia says:

    June 2021!??

  11. maddyIncubus says:

    could you explain the words with repeating alphabets derivations ?!! got lost there..

  12. Sayuri Wickramarachchi says:

    Thank you soo much. Because of these videos I was able to pass my exam πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ”₯

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    Now I understand! Thanks!

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    amazing you have saved my semester

  15. Asong Tintinu says:

    Thanks . It helped alot

  16. infectiouslizzie says:

    You're saving my life in this Statistics class, thank you so so much for making these videos breaking down the steps and trying them out over and over. My brain needs this kind of teaching. Thank you!!!!!

  17. ogbu glory says:

    Thank you!

  18. Syed Hasibuzzaman says:

    This legend right here has been saving my life since 11th grade, and now I am going into my third year of aerospace engineering and still still following through his videos. Sometimes I wish more of my tuition went to Organic Chemistry Tutor than my professors.

  19. Miss. Fuck, Your Opinion says:

    i just wanna say you're an amazing teacher

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    It really helped

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    God bless u man no words

  24. esraa kasem says:

    I really want to thank you for this excellent explanation .. Thanks to you, now I understood this lesson, which I did not know about what he is talking about .. Thank you very much

  25. Fenet Tilahun says:

    U're the best teacher….but I have questions in 4:16 the P=12 but when learn in class and read books it's 24 because P(n,n) =4!/(4-4)! =4Γ—3Γ—2Γ—1/ 1! It's equals to 24….can anyone make me get it?

  26. β€’ Loser β€’ says:

    the fact that he answered the exact same equation I have on my answer sheet is hilarious. That's a free point for me

  27. YourrFinishh says:

    Childhood Hero

  28. Dorcas Kaunda says:

    If you are wondering why😁that’s just how it is I don’t have an answer for you πŸ˜…

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    Bro I'm at Wits doing actuarial sciences and for a moment I thought statistics is difficult till I came here. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. you are a life saver.

  31. Sora. says:

    Anybody, please explain 12:5613:15.

  32. Parisee Gupta says:

    Crisp to the point ❀️

  33. λ°˜μ„œν˜„ says:

    why is the sound so quiet

  34. Jonathan Mendoza says:

    Thanks a lot have a certification exam and was completely lost on this topic!

  35. Michael Gernes says:

    Thanks for all these videos! I do have a problem I can't figure out how to calculate. I think the combination formula applies but it's not a simple combination. So maybe someone else can help: A league needs to schedule a season of games. Each game requires 4 players. How many games must be scheduled so that 10 players appear in at least 2 games?

  36. Mike Peters says:

    I had no clue and after coming here, got 100 on my test!! +1 sub😊

  37. MWGrossmann says:

    While this is a truly awesome general explanation even young children can absorb, I would suggest not reducing multiplication to 1s and 0s wherever possible so that viewers can better grasp the logic behind the equations. Once they've understood the concepts they can then move on to the 0/1 multiplication/division shortcuts, such as changing units to make light years 1=1.

    They'll be thrilled to learn about shortcuts, but they'll have a much deeper understanding of the logic behind it all. It's kind of like showing a kid to use a calculator or teaching her how the basic functions work. I spent hours doing long division with my daughter; she's unstoppable now. Sure, she can use a calculator. She can also do mathematics mentally, and a lot faster for most everyday sums.

    Thanks again for a great explanatory video.

  38. Its Just an Apple says:

    Can you buy better mic please.

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  40. Keffah Njenga says:

    😁1 out of 5 University students recognizes You as the Soul ProfessorπŸŽ“.. keep sharing this knowledge πŸ’ͺ🏽

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    Bro people say Discrete math is hard until it finally clicks… you finally made it click for me. Thank you so much brother!!

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    Sometimes this guys voice reminds me of Tech with Tim

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    Man, you are such a great teacher. I really appreciate your efforts.

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    Excellent, thank you!

  48. phoebe fulleros says:

    This is really helpful ><

  49. Gilberto Torres says:

    meanwhile in Disney headquarters… 3:53

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    Thank you so much! It's one thing to read instructions on a lesson book, but to have a human interactional element is a hole different experience. Saved me possibly hours of book research!

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