Question Bank Solution | Similarity Part – 1 | 2021 QB Solution

Question Bank Solution | Similarity Part - 1 | 2021 QB Solution

Question Bank Solution | Similarity Part – 1 | 2021 QB Solution

Question Bank Solution | Similarity Part – 1 | 2021 QB Solution

In this video, you will get the solution of the question bank provided by the Maharashtra education board. Today we will solve all the questions of Similarity class 10th. Maharashtra education board provided one question bank, ok and we are going to solve all the questions of the question bank so that the students will get the benefit.
Watch this video and understand all the concepts.
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  1. Makunda Pande says:

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  2. Om M. Ainchwar says:

    0.75 x 225=168.75 please check that is 2250 not 22500

  3. Shraddha Suthar says:

    smart sir ka smart board

  4. Omkar Malasne says:

    Really salute to your dedication sir ☺️😁👍

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    Nice lecture about 2:20 hour ….. salute sir for your hardwork for the students👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Ebboplayer says:

    39:23 sir ke andar bihari atma aa gayi

  7. Swayam says:

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    Khup chan shikavata tumhi

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  11. -Vaishnavi Shinde says:

    Sir pudhchya ch. Var pn banva
    Your explanation is very best🙂🙃

  12. Acting with priyanshu says:

    Sir ur my favorite teacher✌

  13. A1 Cook says:

    Please give science 1 question bank in english

  14. Dipali Pande says:

    Why anyone is not giving comments??????????????? 🖤what happen???????

  15. Ķhãň Ťâřîq says:

    Sir jaldi bhej maths 2 ka question bank translate karke plzzzz sir

  16. bharti gupta says:

    Thank you so much sir

  17. amol deshmukh says:

    Jay Maharashtra

  18. Saima Khan says:

    Sir please upload science 1 translated pdf please sir as i have to start with the subject science 1 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  19. Sushmit More says:

    Salute to your dedication sir

  20. Sneha Bhanushali says:

    Sir,, sci 1 ka question bank ka pdf translet karona plsss🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏idk baaki k subjects kab tak denge voh logg n hamare paas ab time nahi hai wait karneko so plsss aaphi kar dijiyena🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  21. Shalini Yadav says:

    Sir maths mei kitne marks ke external sums ate hai


    Thank u so so much sir for ur efforts that u r taking for us ..🔥✌️❣️ bina ruke , bina thake aapne 2.30 min ka live liya ..aaj record hoo gaya ✌️❣️or ye sirf aap hi kr skte hoo 🙂 it was so wonderful lecture .. fabulous teaching ❤️ hat's off u sir ❤️ tysmmmm ! u r my favorite teacher ✌️❣️🤩😀 🙂
    Best teacher, best person , Best mathematician , best singer , best dancer , best speaking skiil , Best motivatior ,best supportive , best friend .& always happy person …. PAWAN SIR 😀❣️✌️🔥👏😊 🙂 thanks for everything sir jii ❤️ 🙂 god bless you 🙂

  23. VIPER ÑØVÀ says:

    Sir hamara maths 1 ki question bank ka probability solve krna reh gaya hai n ??🙄

  24. UNOVA GAMER says:

    Sir please lecture ko chota karna ka try kare app 😔mere parents zyada phone nahi dete hai

  25. Sahina Nai says:

    Thanks sir for ur video

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