Radicals Simplifying

Radicals Simplifying

Radicals Simplifying

Learn how to simplify radicals in this free math video tutorial by Mario’s Math Tutoring.

0:20 Example 1 Square Root of 24
0:54 Example 2 Square Root of 27
1:18 Example 3 Square Root of 128 Using Prime Factorization
2:33 Example 4 Cube Root of 54
3:30 Example 5 Square Root of 9/16

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11 Responses to “Radicals Simplifying”

  1. Mario's Math Tutoring says:

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  2. DaPandacommanda yt says:

    This is very helpful but with my homework they have stuff like simplifying a radical with -121 in it. And stuff like simplifying a radical with 25+144 in it. How would I do those problems ?

  3. immorqlz says:

    thanks I have my middle year exam and I couldn't understand anything from my teacher and if I failed this class I won't be able to go to 9th grade I understood that have a good day 🙂

  4. Jeff 2 says:

    What about when there is a side number on it like 8√40?

  5. The Like Button says:

    Thanks for being a bro. Very helpful.

  6. eriane says:

    No offense to my teacher but I understood this better

  7. sonam tenzin says:

    thanks to this video i able to understsnd radical

  8. Adriana Villalobos says:

    I loved your video thanks alot.

  9. sabestek says:

    so cool.. thx mario.

  10. Joe_Mama_404 says:

    i get it now!!! thanks!

  11. Josh Kulp says:

    Thanks!!!! This helped a lot!!!

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