Ratio and Proportion Practice Set 4.1 (Part 1)

Ratio and Proportion Practice Set 4.1  (Part 1)

Ratio and Proportion Practice Set 4.1 (Part 1)

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SSC Maharashtra Board
Class 09
Maths Part One
Chapter 4 Ratio and Proportion
Practice Set 4.1 (Part 1)

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    Please the answer

  3. Maruti Mali says:

    The ratio of a is to b is written as

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    Thank you so much sir!! You are really helpful in this lockdown….I can't understand anything from online classes!

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    WE are understanding every consept sir
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    Sir itne ad kyu insert karte ho

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    Convert into percentage 8:10
    Please solve

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    Sir your teaching style very good but some time you are very fast explain then my mind are not catched concept

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    Elite tutors are the best youtube coaching clases

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