Sample Application for the post of Salesman

I wish to apply for the post of a salesman as advertised by you in “____________ (News Paper Name)” of today. I give below my bio-data in brief for your kind consideration:

I am a graduate from ____________ (University Name), having passed my final examination in ____________ (Date) Securing high second class marks. I have an aptitude for outdoor jobs and in pursuit of that joined ____________ (Publishers Name) as a salesman soon after the completion of my education. I am glad to inform you that I brought the firm a good deal of business within six months of my joining them and won their appreciation in the form of double increment in ____________ (Date). During my service there I became well acquainted with my job tactics and made many valuable contacts. But with the transfer of my father to _____________ (Place Name), I had to quit that job and seek a fresh one here. I can speak ____________ (Languages Name) equally well. I am a young man of ____________ (Years), have good health and moral character. I belong to a respectable family. I had made some contacts in ____________ (Place Name) l also during my previous job and am hopeful of extending my area of operation within no time. Should I get a chance to serve you? I am open to talks on the issue of working on salary or commission basis. I learn that the present rate of commission here is between 10 and 12 per cent and I would expect the same from you.

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If you could consider my request I will consider myself lucky to be of service to you.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

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