SAT® Math Hacks: Tips and Tricks to Destroy the Math Section!

SAT® Math Hacks: Tips and Tricks to Destroy the Math Section!

SAT® Math Hacks: Tips and Tricks to Destroy the Math Section!

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Hack your way to a better score on the Math section of the SAT®!!! Here are some tips to help you improve your score from SAT® perfect scorer and tutor Brooke Hanson!

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SAT® Math Hacks: Tips & Tricks to Destroy the Math Section!

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39 Responses to “SAT® Math Hacks: Tips and Tricks to Destroy the Math Section!”

  1. Anna Parmer says:

    I'm taking it tomorrow June 5th 2021. I've been working so hard that I didn't get to study. I work from 10 am to 8 pm. I'm going to die tomorrow….

  2. Dani C says:

    I’m 15 and getting ready to take my SAT tomorrow and I’m PANICKING, I literally don’t wanna fail 😭😭

  3. David Okechukwu says:

    POV: your test is in 30 minutes on may 8th 2021

  4. Thwifo is the best says:


  5. Giselle Gendelman says:

    anyone watching for tomorrow?

  6. FBI Agent Bogdanoff📞 says:

    May 8 squad

  7. Od Red says:

    The video starts at 1:18

  8. JustAnotherYoutubeChannel says:

    here the night before, what am i doing

  9. Grace says:

    5 weeks until test day!
    My first practice score was 1120
    Im gonna study everyday fir at least 30 mins and take a practice test every Saturday until June 5th.

  10. Mr.Deksam says:

    Love the American Education System, real nice💀

  11. The Amazing Lord Of Kats says:


  12. josh b says:

    anyone here from the free SAT tomorrow?

  13. David Azer says:

    Well… here I am the day before test day

  14. Emil Gadimov says:

    Taking my first SAT in 3- weeks. In practice tests my score is about 1250. Idk…

  15. NICOLE MATA says:

    ill just cry

  16. zaina saif says:

    Aug 28 2021 test anyone?

  17. Areli M says:

    I learn more in this video than in two semesters of school 😔🤚🏻

  18. cinnamon drawings says:

    My test is in 2 days and my anxiety is off the roof 😭😭😭

  19. Itz Ash says:

    March 24th 2021? 3 days and not readyyyy

  20. Joseph Schoolar says:

    So my is on August and I'm so eager to get some simple math hacks ….. gosh I hate like math🤣🤣

  21. Fien Meuleman says:

    one like to save me from failing tomorrow

  22. Armytinyctzenstay CaratMonobebeOnceExolMulti says:

    POV Your taking your sat tomorrow

  23. naomi says:

    March folks where ya at 👀

  24. mohammed tariq salah says:

    March gang where u at?

  25. Gold Award by Lauren says:

    2021 SAT anyone

  26. naveen k says:

    Today is my exam and I am watching it

  27. RC gaming# real concept gaming says:

    Hi, I'm commenting on every video in my recommendations!

  28. kalani4423 says:

    My test is in one hour

  29. thebest says:

    What website is this ?

  30. Jalón Taylor says:

    Who else taking the psat tmmrw 😭

  31. 3lizab3th5 says:

    I'm too dumb for this

  32. jenna says:

    i’m too gay for this

  33. Mantashah Bawany says:

    Y’all since this is a new year and I’m just wondering how did you guys do? 😭

  34. Rhea Lahoud says:

    My test is on 5 December hbu guys

  35. SimpleMathematics says:

    What did the triangle say to the circle?
    You're pointless

  36. 16 Lana Elmalik says:

    anyone here exam on may 8???

  37. Dylan Griffin says:

    Who’s here taking sat December 5th

  38. rishi logani says:

    Maths is challenging for Americans, I guess.

  39. Chloe Quinton says:

    this is so helpful omg

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