SAT Math Test Prep Online Crash Course Algebra & Geometry Study Guide Review, Functions,Youtube

SAT Math Test Prep Online Crash Course Algebra & Geometry Study Guide Review, Functions,Youtube

SAT Math Test Prep Online Crash Course Algebra & Geometry Study Guide Review, Functions,Youtube

This online sat math test prep review youtube video tutorial will help you to learn the fundamentals behind the main concepts that are routinely covered on the scholastic aptitude test. This online crash course video contains plenty of examples and practice problems for you work on including very hard / difficult math questions with answers and solutions included. There are six main lessons in this study guide that are accompanied by a review of the most important topics, concepts, equations and formulas that you need to do well on the sat. This video contains plenty of multiple choice problems that you can work on as a practice test.

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Topics include:
1. Evaluating composite functions and algebraic expressions
2. Solving equations and finding the value of x – SAT Math Algebra Review
3. Simplifying Radicals, Exponents, and Factoring Trinomials
4. Solving Equations With Two Variables Using The Substitution and Elimination Method
5. Absolute Value Equations and Multivariable Functions
6. How To Convert Sentences Into Equations to Solve SAT Math Word Problems
7. Word Problems With Averages and Total Sum
8. Consecutive Even / Odd Positive or Negative Integer Word Problem
9. Basketball Team Word Problems – Games won vs Lost
10. Past Present Future Age Word Problem
11. Inclusive vs Exclusive Numbers In a List
12. Distance Rate Time SAT Math Word Problems
13. Ratios and Proportions Based Word Problems
14. Red Green Blue Yellow Marble Probability Problem
15. Nickels Dimes Quarters Word Problem
16. Number of Workers SAT word problem
17. Permutations Combinations and Fundamental Counting Principle
18. Two or Three Digit Integer Word Problem
19. Average Score, Arithmetic Mean, and Weighted Average SAT Math Problem
20. Percent Increase or Decrease Word Problem – Sales Tax vs Discount
21. Original Selling Price and Percent Change Practice Problems
22. Percentage Problems with x and y Variables
23. Slope Calculations, Midpoint and Distance Formula
24. Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
25. Arithmetic and Geometric Series and Sequences Word Problems
26. Linear, Quadratic, and Absolute Value Functions and Graphs
27. SAT Math Geometry Review
28. How to Find the Side Length of a Triangle Given Area and Height
29. How to Calculate the Perimeter of a Triangle Given Hypotenuse
30. How to Determine the Area of a Right Triangle
31. Calculating the Area of a Parallelogram
32. Percent Increase or Decrease of Radius and Height of a Cylinder – Effect on Volume
33. How to Calculate the Perimeter of a Square Given It’s Diagonal
34. Calculating the Altitude of a 45 45 90 degree right triangle
35. Finding the Perimeter of an Equilateral or Equiangular Triangle
36. Calculating the Sum of the Three Remote Exterior Angles of a Triangle
37. Segment Midpoint Geometry Problems
38. Parallel Lines – Corresponding, Alternate Interior, Exterior and Vertical Angles
39. Linear Pairs – Supplementary and Complementary Angles
40. Finding the area of the shaded region of a circle
41. Tangent and Secant Lines on Circles
42. How to Calculate the Arc of a segment of a circle
43. Rectangle Semicircle Word Problem
44. How to Calculate the Perimeter of a Rhombus Given It’s Side Length
45. How to Determine the altitude of a right triangle using the geometric mean and proportions

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40 Responses to “SAT Math Test Prep Online Crash Course Algebra & Geometry Study Guide Review, Functions,Youtube”

  1. Xhyn A says:

    Here bc I forgot everything during quarantine and didn’t learn anything the whole year doing online school 🥲

  2. Ethan Hayes says:

    Tracking my progress:
    Started 6/2/21, Test is 6/5/21

    Day 1 : (4:10 PM – 5:32 PM)

  3. Danilia Kwao says:


  4. Aaron Antonio says:


  5. Ella says:

    Why am I watching this I am in 9th grade and not in America.

  6. alexis says:

    my sat is 6 days away so im gonna have this video on repeat for the next 6 days

  7. ExamFreak Official says:

    This guy is an inspiration.

  8. ZachFrost says:

    If y'all are taking June 5, gonna manifest that 800 for all of us. I need work on my geometry but its all good

  9. Amber Staton says:

    Graduated 24 years ago, when a SAT or ACT was not required. Now, I'm looking at going to college and have to take the SAT or ACT (after 24 years!!!). Thank you. It helps to find a crash course! Still very nervous but this helps!

  10. Gombos Andrei says:

    1:18:43 if that explanation seems ok to you, trust me, you’re super bad at math.

  11. Felcyn Channel says:

    Time Watching: 8:18

  12. Isabel McCabe says:

    57:00 Not me about to FOIL the equation…

  13. Rayxz says:

    In Calc 3 and this stuff looks so easy now 😅

  14. Suman Panthi says:

    Question no.17 at 1:15:00, the answer can be B if you take x as negative number and y as positive number 😂😂

  15. Armán Islam says:

    I’m selling 8.5h extended version of this video for €20 PayPal. Original costs €37. Reply for details

  16. Circe says:

    No. 17 is B

  17. Circe says:

    Who else was shocked at no.9? I was!

  18. Dr. Hamath MD. says:

    I just love good ol " ARITHMETIC" 🤣

  19. Michael Maida says:

    What program is he using to draw and make these notes?

  20. fishmasteruniverse says:

    pray for me

  21. Abdul Muqtadir says:

    Wow loved it

  22. Siddharth says:

    anyone after the SAT test? what was your score?

  23. Abdirahman Moualem says:

    your video is more helpful than sat books

  24. Honey Bee says:

    Not me having my SAT in less than a week and this is my first time studying for math…

  25. unknown says:

    I don't know algebra 2 and now I know the basics, nice

  26. Trawl says:

    1:09:02 You can simply multiply 8 and 4 since x(squared) – y(squared) = (x+y)(x-y)

  27. Faryal Huma says:

    Is this video cover all the syllabi of sat maths ???

  28. Youssef Nassar says:

    1:19:45, god I am retarded

  29. XxBanana HanahxX says:

    Is the answer ever “it cannot be determined from the information given” or “the answer is undefined” ??

  30. Umar says:

    At 1:35:41 shouldn’t d^2 +3d -3^2 be equal to e^2 +3e +9? Because (-3)^2 = 9

  31. Sara Seehar says:

    im taking my PSAT tomorrow and was just informed today 0______0

  32. Kell Senpai says:

    Day of the SAT and I’m now watching this. Wish me luck lol

  33. Z S says:

    4 hours before exam🙂✊🏿 April 27th 2020

  34. Bolton03 says:

    learn the box method for factoring it's better in my opinion

  35. GlamourousX Jada says:

    watching this a day before my SAT. 😳

  36. Flanky Suittably says:

    Any sophomores taking SAT in June?

  37. Princess Kadija says:

    For 17 when I substituted x=-1 and y=2, it made the 3x-3y<0 true. Can you look back on it and see if it was like tht

  38. Ghostbreath42 says:

    This man is an absolute God send. Thank you so much and good luck to all you guys on your SAT

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