SAT® Prep: 10 BEST Strategies for Reading, Writing & Language, and Math!

SAT® Prep: 10 BEST Strategies for Reading, Writing & Language, and Math!

SAT® Prep: 10 BEST Strategies for Reading, Writing & Language, and Math!

10 tips for how to approach studying and the SAT® test questions.

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42 Responses to “SAT® Prep: 10 BEST Strategies for Reading, Writing & Language, and Math!”

  1. Tobias says:

    Forgot my test is in a little over 6 hours. I'm so screwed, didnt study at all

  2. Anna Parr says:

    i have been prepping for sat retake and i’m scared

  3. KeeKster says:

    me sitting here 36hrs before my SAT with absolutely 0 test prep done: 👁👄👁

  4. Peter Sim says:

    Can you not get in university if you didn’t graduate grade 12? When you have SAT ?

  5. Sam Vidas says:

    2:45 Girl they made me think this was just like an "intelligence" thing and the studying doesn't really matter, now I'm looking at a guidebook that's telling me about the need to strategize by doing more easy questions because they're all scored equally and this is happening toMORrow. 6-10 weeks? Jeezus

  6. Lalit kumar Pun says:

    Who are taking their exam in may 8

  7. Donuttheturtle 2.0 says:

    "The goal of the SAT is to hurt your brain" wait no thats the education system

  8. taya says:

    mine is TOMORROW bye

  9. Wirthless says:

    “Would you ever take a final exam and not study for it at all? Probably not.” 👁👄👁

  10. Si Guy says:

    “Would you ever take a large test or final and not study for it at all?”

    Me: 👁👄👁

  11. Yael says:

    she's talking faster than james charles

  12. Zac Pearson says:

    48 hours a week?! Huh?

  13. Spencer Mcdonald says:

    The sat date was just thrown at me 2 days ago so now I’m here

  14. Helya F says:

    CAN we get a good score in 4 months?

  15. Kam hoque says:

    Hi my daughter in 9th grade, how can I contact with you about her college prep!!!

  16. jalen keys says:

    not me watching this the morning of my SAT

  17. Enjoli Cave says:

    Me: * on my way to SAT currently*

  18. arrauo yuhhh says:

    I'm in 8th grade but I'm tryna get ahead😭

  19. olivia hartman says:

    “would you ever take a final with no studying? probably not” …. right has studied only for classes i NEEDED to pass the final to pass the class

  20. Jason Willows says:

    "Prep for 6-10 weeks". Bruh, it's legit 30 minutes before I'm supposed to wake up and go take the exam, lmao.

  21. Chai says:

    Taking sat tomorrow and only studied this week. Not ready but COVID cancled all my other sats and I thought this was getting cancled

  22. Ethan Cardona says:

    aye test is tmr

  23. Kat Siders says:

    Good thing I have exactly 6 weeks until I have to take it, let's see if my procrastination allows me to actually use that time😂

  24. MamaChilanga says:

    In the blog post it says that you recommend that students study 48 hours each week! Im assuming that’s a typo and that you meant 4-8?

  25. gloria says:

    taking my SAT september idek

  26. Munif Quadri says:

    Now we have a long to prep cause of COVID19 hahahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  27. SaltySandstorms says:

    who else watching this days before their test… just me?

  28. SaltySandstorms says:

    who else watching this days before their test… just me?

  29. Matt Davies says:

    If you think it’s expensive as a U.S. citizen, you should see how much it costs for internationals…I’m from South Africa and to book my SAT (including the optional essay) costed a total of $107

  30. Abraham Rico says:

    Trying to start school at 22, it has been forever since I’ve seen any math, reading, writing I’m so scared but I’m ready to study

  31. Ryan H says:

    oof i haven’t studied a day in my life

  32. KhoiTTA says:

    December 7th!

  33. Aditya Wakchoure says:

    December 7 squad wya

  34. Hasyb says:

    December 7th squad?

  35. Naina Chan says:

    Tomorrow is my Sat Exam but I don't know what to read? Please mam give me some suggestions……i am cls 8 please mam………. Which book should I read?………

  36. Dylan says:

    6-10 days sound good?

  37. H Karim says:

    It’s in 10 hours and I’m scared

  38. 子栀 says:

    Tmr gang here anyone?

  39. Bogdan Ivchenko says:

    October 5 squad!

  40. HardAnall Jr. says:

    Im not even in school

  41. Angad Bawa says:

    I am international student from india and i have scored 60 percent in my grade 11 exams .How much gpa will it convert to ?

  42. Zia Ahmed says:

    anyone for august

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