Short Application for the Post of a Medical Sales Representative

I wish to apply for the post of Sales Representative, advertised in today’s new Borneo Mail.

I am a science graduate from the ____________ (University Name) with honours in ____________ (Subject Name). I have also done diploma in Pharmacy from the same university As I have an aptitude for outdoor and challenging jobs, I joined ____________ (Company Name), a reputed pharmaceutical company as a sales representative immediately after my graduation. I brought this firm a good deal of business within ____________ (Months) of my joining them and won their appreciation in the form of three advance increments in ____________ No, but now I feel that here I have reached a saturation point and there are no further career opportunities. Therefore, I am interested in the change. I have ____________ (Years) long experience as medical sales representative and know my work thoroughly and enjoy it fully. I have wide and vital business contacts with doctors, hospitals, chemists, druggists and other related professionals in the field in ____________ (Place Name), Penang and other cities. And I am hopeful to further extend my area of operation as your sales representative if given the opportunity.

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I am a young man of ____________ (Years) with sound health and zest for hard work and extensive travelling. I belong to a very respectable family. I am open to the issue of working on salary or commission basis.

I look forward to hear from you soon, and to be given an opportunity to present my credentials in interview.

Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)

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