Short Application for the post of a Scientific Assistant

Regarding my educational qualifications, I beg to say that I passed my M.Sc. chemistry from ____________ (University Name) this year securing first class marks.

During my graduation I took Chemistry as my special (main) subject in which I secured first division and Botany and Physics as my subsidiary subjects. My field of specialisation was Inorganic Chemistry during my honours as well as post-graduate stages.

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I had a scientific ‘temperament during my college days all along in that I headed many study circles and organised discussion on various subjects. I had won a very good opinion of my teachers always.

I am a young man of about ____________ (Years) from a highly respectable family based in ____________ (Place name). My father is a science teacher at ____________ (University Name).

If you please give me a chance to do research work for you, I assure you that I will prove an asset. I believe in hard work and am interested in original research in my subject of specialisation. By choosing me as one of the scholars, I am sure, you will be giving me a chance to prove that the national wealth has been properly utilised.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

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