Short Application for the Post of a Technical Executive

I give below in brief my qualifications and experience for your kind consideration:

I am a ____________ (Qualifications) Mechanical engineering from ____________ (University Name) having secured first division in final examination in ____________ (Date) ____________ (Years) old now and am married. I have five years practical experience in the automobile industry, having worked in workshops as also in engineering sales organizations. At present I am working for well-known car manufacturers as their production engineer. I am not satisfied with my present job because there is stagnation and little chance of new openings to suit my vibrant temperament which wants full scope to the utilization of my talent.

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Here I have come to feel that I will not be able to put to extensive use my technical knowledge and organizing capabilities. I shall be glad to speak in detail about myself during the interview, if granted.

I belong to a respectable ____________ (Place Name) based family and my father is a class I officer in the Ministry of Commerce.

I shall be glad to call on you any time convenient to you. My address is given on top of this application.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

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