Short Notes on First Style of Resume (Conventional)

I am well trained and experienced in all of the many duties and responsibilities of a good secretary and can also undertake to co-ordinate various departments of your company.

Given below are my full particulars:

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Father’s Name:


Date of Birth/Age:




Present Salary:

Expected Salary:

Contact Details: Tel., E-mail

I would like the opportunity of coming over personally for an interview and convince you of my abilities that make a good secretary.

Thanking You
Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)

Second Style (Application)

Dear Sir,

It is in response to your advertisement in the ____________ (News Paper Name) that I wish to apply for the post of a Research Assistant. I have just passed college and this vacancy offers a golden opportunity for me to work in a consumer Research Department for a famous organization like yours. I look upon it as a wonderful opportunity for growth and learning while collecting, recording and analyzing data.

I have an inquisitive and analytical mind. I enjoy finding about things. I enjoy the challenges of research. I am told that I am tactful with a good sense of humour and the ability to interact well with people.

Perhaps you will agree that these qualities coupled with enthusiasm, persistence and the willingness to work hard for long hours make me acceptable to the job as a beginner.

I am familiar with the procedure of consumer research and fully understand its significance though I have no hands- on experience. Attached is my detailed resume entailing more details about me?

I hope I shall soon be called for an interview.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

Enclosures 3

1. Resume

2. References

3. Certificate

Second Example of Bio-Data

Post of Translator

The Chief Executive,
D.A.V.P., (Govt, of India),

Dear Sir,

Since you are soliciting applications for the post of Senior Translator/Interpreter as advertised in the ____________ (News Paper Name), ____________ (Date), I present herewith my candidature.

My singular objective in life has been to excel as a linguist. With nine years of invaluable experience with various export Houses, Tours and Travels and Translation firms, I feel, I am well-equipped to handle the pressing demands of the post.

I have been looking for a permanent job that would not only improve my prospects and status but also give a value- addition to my skills. Hence I wish to avail this opportunity. Enclosed is my Bio-Data or your perusal.

I would be obliged if given an opportunity to prove myself through an interview.

With thanks

You’re faithfully,
(Your name)

Third Style (Letterhead)

Presented below is the Application in Letter Head style. It carries your name, address and contact details prominently like a company letter-head and thereafter all details are presented as outlined in the sample (Attached).

Another example given falls under the category of Letter Head Style Applications with a little variation.

About the last sample i.e. the Performa Application is generally arranged by the employer and filled in by the candidate. But, with very minor variations, even this can be used confidently by the applicant.

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