Short Speech on the ‘Printing Technology used in India’

He complaint about the slow deterioration of the standard of Diploma holders is widespread and affecting the industry, greatly and hampering the technological growth to some extent.

Every printer in this country has started to feel that it will be ruinous to the industry if we allow this situation to deteriorate further.

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Though some committees were formed by Ministry of Education, Government of India, at various levels, from time to time, to update and upgrade the Diploma courses, nothing worthy of mention has been achieved so far.

No attempt has been made to bring the printers from various parts of the country and the Principals of the various Printing Institutes in India, at an all-India level, to meet on a common platform, discuss all the problems faced by both these parties and chalk out a commonly agreed course of action, for the benefit of both.

It is with this view that the President of the All India Federation of Master Printers planned this unique step, for the first time, to bring as many representatives of each group as possible, to sit together, discuss and thrash out all the aspects concerning Diploma Education in India so that a commonly agreed revised pattern of Diploma education could be arrived at, which will fulfill the requirements of the Industry.

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