Solving Linear Equations with Fractions | Algebra | Chegg Tutors

Solving Linear Equations with Fractions | Algebra | Chegg Tutors

Solving Linear Equations with Fractions | Algebra | Chegg Tutors

Algebra is a core building block of most of the math that you will need to learn starting in later stages of middle school all the way through college, if you choose to pursue a degree that involves Math. Solving linear inequalities is a skill that you are expected to know as you progress through the many levels of math that you will encounter. An equation like the one that I presented in this video tutorial can seem difficult to approach at first, but by knowing the LCM Rule (Least Common Multiple), we can simplify the problem by eliminating the denominator of each side of the equation. We simply multiply each side of the equation by the the right quantity, in this case being 2(y-3)^2. Once we’ve eliminated the denominator in an equation like this, we can simplify the equation by moving the y’s to the left side of the equation and the numbers to the right by adding/subtracting all ‘like-terms,’ thereby solving for y.

— From Alberto A., Algebra I tutor on Chegg Tutors


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Learn how to solve linear inequalities with equations that contain fractions on Chegg Tutors. Work with live, online Algebra tutors like Alberto A. (link: who can help you at any moment, whether at 2pm or 2am.

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  1. Sonu Yadav says:


  2. Jay Grasso says:

    Hi-Great job! Would you mind telling me what stylus and pad you use cause I bought one but it doesn't work like yours in the video…mine writes too big and doesn't work great for tutoring videos..thanks!

  3. Chandan Mahata says:

    Hello man. I wish to make an introductory video for Chegg? Can you please tell me how to record and upload the video for the same?

  4. Alan Graves says:

    Augie's video explanation is very clear and organized, but he did not explain how to WRITE the proof in a way which could be read or considered by a student who needs to submit such an argument as an assignment. This should also be explained, perhaps in another video or additional remark. If I were an instructor asked to grade this, it would look generally correct, but does not follow a linear pattern of reasoning (just looking at his whiteboard work), and would not be acceptable on a test or written assignment. I cannot deny, however, the choice of his example as a good illustration of the proof technique.

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