Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring – Basic Examples

Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring - Basic Examples

Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring – Basic Examples

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Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring – Basic Examples. In this video, I solve two basic quadratic equations by factoring.

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  1. patrickJMT says:

    Hi all! Please post comments, questions and anything else on your mind in the comment section! While I try to answer as many questions as I can, there are more questions than I can answer by myself so if you are someone who might be able to help, please do so! The community is so much better when everyone is involved and helping each other out. Our strength is our willingness to help each other!
    Also please feel free to like or dislike the video. Your feedback is always appreciated so that hopefully I can make my future videos the best possible! Thanks and happy studies!

  2. Alex Morgan says:

    I think I just got this for the first time in 43 years!
    I tried substituting x for "2" in the first equation and it didn't work so I tried "7" and it came to 0=0 which makes sense!
    Finally Quadratic Equations make sense!

  3. agnes wendy says:

    Maths is hard🙄😒

  4. Arif Iskandar says:

    Thank you sooo muchhhh!!

  5. ghosting gray says:

    i literally haven't been paying attention to any classes and i'm a million percent sure that i completely and utterly failed a math test the other day since i didn't understand a single thing and didn't even show my work and instead just circled random things although i've been doing okay on my math homework since i've just been using photomath so HAHA i'm terrified by the thought that she might confront me!! thank you for this video!!!

  6. Achylys says:

    hey! fairly new to this concept, my teachers just simply explain it, no details, nothing, but you, my friend put it better than any of my teachers
    could ever put it!

  7. ZiTou says:

    i just like your handwriting

  8. Mario Chacon says:

    My teacher made this so complicated, thanks for the help my guy.

  9. SkySwipe says:

    the education system isnt trash
    my attention span is

  10. Mike Georgatzias says:

    So, where am I gonna need this in the future except for now at school?

  11. minehle. ww says:

    Thank you so much 🤚God bless you honestly

  12. Aditya Pramod says:

    Wait I have a question why did you put minus three instead of plus three since the three is positive

  13. Yui. chan😣❤🤍 says:

    i think i am the only one who came at 2021 ..hahaha,i have a math exame after tomorrow! 🙂 what about (factorizing by completing the suare)???
    can anyone help !

  14. carolinethepeople says:

    omg thank u

  15. Allan Allan says:

    Solve x^4-5x^2+4??

  16. The DinosarMan says:

    Get back to work so you don’t fail that test tomorrow

  17. Cole Matthews says:

    Great video, you helped me so much!!!

  18. shedwaa says:

    hi lol

  19. Dylan Peavoy says:

    you're the goat

  20. 无所谓不理就好 says:



    still i cant understand

  22. Abdullah Ehsan says:

    Learning this for the first time. This is really helpful!

  23. aliyahgenesis says:

    I'm lost😭 this is supposed to be 9th grade math am I dumb

  24. Sat Dan says:

    Left handed…Heretic!

  25. hitxshii says:

    I've taken a break from school between hs and college and its been a few years since my last math class. This was a perfect refresher for a method I had forgotten but needed for class. Thank you!

  26. Adam Portal says:

    who is here because their teacher IS COMPLETELY USELESS

  27. Seer_ Zo says:

    Lemme ask,What grade are you guys studying while watching this? I'm still grade 7th and my physics teacher make this an exam ;-;

  28. İsa Sakarya says:


  29. meaning of life says:

    Jesus loves you and everyone and be safe

  30. Squidge says:

    Looking at all the comments from like 6 years ago makes me wonder how they’re doing now

  31. Shamar Hamilton says:

    Why did you use 14 in the first example

  32. Tobiloba Omotosho says:

    Please explain better

  33. torpid onYT says:

    What if the number I have to try to get (at the beginning) is +5? Is it (x-2) (x-2.5) ?

  34. Miko Sako says:

    Thank you bro it's so helpful

  35. Yo Boy With a Mask Zenpai says:

    yep I'm probably going to fail mathematics nextweek examinations

  36. 4frogsy says:

    im getting dumber and dumber, i dont understand anything

  37. 💜sammy wammy💜 says:

    Anybody else's math teacher sent them here?

  38. Justin Oh says:

    2020 gang wya wya

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