Solving Systems of Equations With 3 Variables & Word Problems

Solving Systems of Equations With 3 Variables & Word Problems

Solving Systems of Equations With 3 Variables & Word Problems

This algebra video tutorial explains how to solve system of equations with 3 variables and with word problems. It contains two example word problems on investment and on total value.

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26 Responses to “Solving Systems of Equations With 3 Variables & Word Problems”

  1. damia marissa says:

    Online class? ❌ YouTube class ✔️

  2. damia marissa says:

    This channel help me get A Insyallah

  3. Melathi Kauta says:

    You the best 👍

  4. Ugyen D. Thinley says:

    Thank you 😊

  5. guy sharing says:

    Thanks! This video really helped me with a question on my math final!

  6. ForruptedHrek says:

    1.5x speed

  7. J “Gmail” Melrose says:

    Thank you so much for your help!

  8. Zurial Carey says:

    595th like

  9. L Black says:

    Why do you have to multiply the first equation by two and the one next to it by -1?

  10. MissAsyan says:

    “A, B, and C have 2150 yen collectively. A has 120 yen more than B does. After C gives B 2/5ths of his money, B now has 220 yen more than A. How much money did A originally have?”
    They say it's a problem that even middle schoolers can solve, but wow. Maybe I'm just dumb. I can't figure anything out.

    (B+120) + B + C = 2150
    An + (B+2/5C) + 3/5C = 2150


  11. Aser Etienne says:

    you are good bro

  12. Marc Guarch says:

    you're awesome!

  13. Xavier Ince Pierre says:

    holy fuck why does this have to be so long ……

  14. Slashy says:

    400th like

  15. Benjamin Sayoc says:

    Honestly, I have never seen equation systems solved in this way. At my school we always isolate the first variable, so it can be but into the next equation, to solve the next variable so it can be put into the last: so you'll end up with an equation with only 1 variable. Therefore this is mindblowing to me. Thank you!

  16. Mollie P says:

    Very confusing based on speed and lack of proper explanation

  17. Mollie P says:

    Wow please slow it down!!!!!!! Blew my mind

  18. Alson Wu says:

    b + ✓b^2-2ac/2a

  19. hayleehishere says:

    Please label your equations next time, it’s confusing when you dont

  20. ッ- says:

    2x+3y=5p and y=2x+p HELP FAST PLS

  21. _Luminaire_ says:

    I love you lol

  22. alyssah ivey says:

    Do some word problems using 3 variables…

  23. naresh chauhan says:

    Sir please strat lectures on general aptitude

  24. Siyasanga Majeke says:

    Please help me sir a+b-c=-1…(1)
    2a-2b+3c=8….. (2)
    2a-b+2c=9….. (3)

  25. Naman Chandra Srivastava says:

    Bro plzz help me in linear programming

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