Square and Cube Roots 8 Cube Root – Tutor Algebra

Square and Cube Roots 8 Cube Root - Tutor Algebra

Square and Cube Roots 8 Cube Root – Tutor Algebra

This math video tutors and gives instruction about square and/or cube roots. The instruction is a brief and to the point teaching lesson on how to learn algebra and manipulate variables.
Square roots and cube roots are tricky to simplify and understand. This video is part of a series of videos that starts with simple problems and progresses to explain even the most difficult of problems that involve square roots and cube roots.

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2 Responses to “Square and Cube Roots 8 Cube Root – Tutor Algebra”

  1. Paul Bogdan says:

    The complex conjugate solutions are rarely mentioned. Thanks for bringing it up.

  2. jwm239 says:

    …a good little quick intro…10 is one solution, as the cube root of 64 yields two other (both complex #) solutions.

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