SSC Class 10 Algebra | Financial Planning | Practice Set 4.1

SSC Class 10  Algebra | Financial Planning | Practice Set 4.1

SSC Class 10 Algebra | Financial Planning | Practice Set 4.1

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Maths Part 1
Chapter 4
Practice Set 4.1
Financial Planning
Text Book Solution

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37 Responses to “SSC Class 10 Algebra | Financial Planning | Practice Set 4.1”

  1. Sona Karande says:

    Sir…you are teaching amazing 😊😊

  2. Shital Suroshe says:

    Thanku ser

  3. suhani shukla says:

    Sir I have a doubt 🧐
    That salt have not any tax then why packet of salt have written that included all taxes.

    Sir please clear my doubt 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

  4. Dipak Vasu says:

    How many of u watch this video on speed 1.25x

  5. it's kedar says:

    Sir salute 🙆🙆

  6. Sukdev Chaudhari says:

    Thanks sir

  7. banti Kardile says:

    I like your teaching sir thanks sir 😎😎

  8. prem nainav says:

    good teach sir but your slide seen very blur

  9. Videsh Sable says:

    Hsn code kuch bhi nahi hota..yeh ek fixed code hai whole wolrd me..product ka. Bill samjhane me asani hoti hai

  10. Atharv Wakode says:


  11. Gunashekaran Nadar says:

    Detailed and masterful teaching 👍🔥

  12. ismail Shaikh says:

    Thx sir

  13. Nachiket Pandav says:


  14. Zibbi Momin says:

    Sir plzz urdu medium ka banwo plz

  15. Web Series says:

    I am ur big fan
    I am a boy using my mother's mobile so don't guess by name kalpana that iam girl.
    Why can't u start teaching science.
    Pls start teaching science.

  16. VIJAY PAWAR says:

    46:18 bechara prasad 😢😢
    . 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  17. online Studies says:

    Thank u Sir ✨ stay bless

  18. Asha Haware says:

    Sir you teach very softly

  19. Khushi Masavkar says:

    Sir algebra Ls 4 and 6 and geometry Ls 7 pura reduced he kya Batao na please 🙏🙏🙏

  20. Vijay Upadhyay says:

    Thankyou sir you are a extremely great man .

  21. Reshma Prajapati says:

    Sir only screen is bloor

  22. Reshma Prajapati says:

    Sir u are teaching very nice 👌👌👌

  23. Aniket Jaiswal says:


  24. Aniket Jaiswal says:


  25. Misbah Fatima says:

    Plz, sir upload the problem set also.

  26. sumedh atalkar says:

    Sir please make a video on geometry

  27. Ayush jondhale says:

    Sir value of a wrist watch nahi a wrist watch belt ha

  28. Dheeraj Sumda says:

    Who from mumbai public school😉

  29. Sanikas Shirke says:

    You are super sir

  30. Sanikas Shirke says:

    Thank you so much sir

  31. Siddhi Singh says:

    Sir , firstly thank you very much❤️ 🙏

    And when u were explaining the last sum I was feeling like u are teasing or making fun of prasad😂 👍

    Sir literally I got such a big help from u can't express . That in this covid-19 no school aor classes teacher is explaining nice or completing the portion fast , but because of u I will be prepared early and now only 2 chps of mine are left of algebra 4 th and 6 th and I will soon complete that because of u
    Really what u have done sir is very small in front of my words 🥺🙏💗😿

  32. Farheen Khan says:

    Assalamu alaikum

  33. Farheen Khan says:

    Nts ke related aap video bna sakte hai kye ismai kis type ke Q poch sakte hai. plz 13 tarikh ko exam hai plz plz reply me

  34. Dhananjay Salunke says:

    nice sir

  35. sandip //// kadam says:

    Grate sir 😙😙😗

  36. Ashvini Kadam says:

    Very nice teaching sir

  37. Ankita Tayade says:

    Sir, kya aap ntse exam ka MAT sikha sakte ho . Please sir agle mahine ke 13th date ko exam he

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