SSC Class 10 | Quadratic Equations | Practice Set 2.1

SSC Class 10 | Quadratic Equations | Practice Set  2.1

SSC Class 10 | Quadratic Equations | Practice Set 2.1

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Maths Part 1
Chapter 2
Practice Set 2.1
Quadratic Equations
Text Book Solution

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34 Responses to “SSC Class 10 | Quadratic Equations | Practice Set 2.1”

  1. Anant Suryavanshi. says:

    Sir Aapne 6 th questions me explain karte vaqt thoda galat explain Kiya hai

  2. ATHARV FF says:

    Sir why Q2 , 3 sum we have make it quadratic equation

  3. sameer bardi says:

    Sorry to say sir but you are pronouncing quadratic equation wrong . The way to pronounce it is qua dra tic . Plz correct it

  4. RB TECH says:


  5. RB TECH says:


  6. Dev Dubey says:

    28:34 made mistake

  7. suhani ruppanor says:

    Thank you so much sir😊

  8. suhani ruppanor says:

    Sir तुम्ही खूप छान शिकवतात

  9. Jayesh Gaming Army says:

    Great sir ❤❤❤

  10. Global king . says:

    Sir when i open the u tube for study first i see your vedio . Because i like your teaching …….. 👍 thanks sir..🙏

  11. Masira Khan Pathan says:

    Sir your explaintion is very good

  12. sc roasting says:

    Ur great sir u teach better than my math teacher💯 thanks u sir

  13. Ritesh Mirge says:


  14. gaming with ansh FF says:

    Sir plz add s ko nikalo🙏

  15. Madan Sakhare says:

    Tysm your great teaching

  16. Sarika Govindwar says:

    Thanks a lot sir for all your helpful videos
    U are great sir
    I saw your many videos for clearing my doubt
    I am your subscriber from 9th std
    Again thank u sir

  17. Dev Dubey says:

    Very nice helped a lot but go little slower👍

  18. Varsha Naik says:

    Thank you sir, for your enormous explanation 😁

  19. Kirtika Gautam says:

    Thank u sir

  20. KUNAL JADHAV says:

    Zisane bhi sir ko dislike kiya hai use 36 percent marks mile exam me😡

  21. @Shwet_S2 says:

    Tqhnk you so much sir
    You teach so well that Im getting interested nowadays in algebra
    It was a quite hard subject for me to cover
    But you helped a lot
    Thank you sir🙏🙏

  22. master gaming says:

    Thank you sir

  23. sherwari shendge says:

    Thanku sir !

  24. Global king . says:

    Sir I am seeing you vedio From 2016 . Because your teachig is very exxelent ……………… Very nice teaching ………

  25. Money Heist says:

    Sir lockdown agar aap online Classes kolo ge toh bahut chalega sir

  26. Dhairyshil Kere says:


  27. Sandeep Tiwari says:

    Very nice teaching sir

  28. P Jha says:


  29. your Rose status says:

    Congratulations for 100k sir❤

  30. Rajput Bunty says:

    Sir paper pattern ki video banana


    Happy 100k subscribers sir!!💖💯

  32. MAGNETIC MEDIA says:

    Who all are in April 2021 like her e😁😁👇👇

  33. Dev says:

    Thanks sir

  34. Rohit Gurude says:

    Sir app aur pawan sir great ho

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