Statistics – How to calculate the standard deviation

Statistics - How to calculate the standard deviation

Statistics – How to calculate the standard deviation

This video covers how to find the standard deviation by hand using the formula. Remember there are actually two formulas depending if your data comes from a sample or a population. Even though all of these calculations can be done by hand, a calculator is recommended so that you don’t make mistakes.

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0:00 Start
0:06 Formulas for calculating standard deviation
0:36 Example, calculating the standard deviation by hand
0:46 Find the value of n
1:05 Find the sum of squares
1:54 Find the sum and then square
2:52 Standard deviation of a sample
3:37 Standard deviation of a population
4:41 Wrap up information and ending

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24 Responses to “Statistics – How to calculate the standard deviation”

  1. Rhecca June P. Anudin says:

    Thankyou very much for this tutorial it helps me a lot for my statistical biology class

  2. Kim V. says:

    Nice video! Where did you get 26.08 from? thanks!

  3. CristelPlays says:

    This is super cool i really love how you teach this so easy

  4. Sam Eltahan says:

    I wanted to do the same exercise with different numbers 😀 93,47,73,31,59,11,68,83,49,27 🙂 Guess the result? The sample is =26.08 and Population = 24.74 all random numbers we got same results. How its called serendipity… Also, yes there is a difference in third fractions…BUT what are the chances 😀

  5. Vimmy fabitz says:

    how did u get the answers to X2 24336? pls reply

  6. Jovanthekid says:

    Where did the 10 come from?

  7. Senpai _Kawaii says:

    Thank you for thisssss !!

  8. Isabella _ says:

    i cried a lot last night coz i wasnt able to understand the lesson even after watching videos from this platform (and i'll have my stats exam tomorrow) but im so glad i found ur channel, it's really easy to understand. thank you!!

  9. Niveet Bandu says:

    could you calculate coefficient of variation using this example please

  10. Dimensional Reactions says:

    Nice. Thanks for this. Need it for Junior High School Research. Good job and I'm certain you're helping lots of people with your videos.

  11. Abdul Hakeem Tomawis says:

    how did you find the value of 680.3222?

  12. Belle says:

    this is my 10th time watching this

  13. W rodriguez says:

    where did the 9 come from ?

  14. Trevor Zheng - Personal Finance & Investing says:

    Should of gave us this video rather than a 1 week lecture that didn't explain anything.

  15. Irwan Shah says:

    I got a question. Since Standard Deviation is the Square Root of Variance, is it right to say that I can apply the Sample/Population Variance formula and simply square root the whole chunk to find the Sample/Population Standard Deviation?

  16. ItsOnlyUnique says:

    Why is 10. 9

  17. shammima khumalo says:

    Well explained thank you

  18. Adventure with Pickles says:

    10×85511= 855110-793881= 61229/10= 6122.9*9= 55106.1

    How did you get 680.3222? what am I doing wrong?

  19. Karan Kothari says:

    this is a lifesaver

  20. Rafe Karen says:

    God bless you…

  21. malthus101 says:

    doesn't really explain anything though

  22. Simple Learning says:

    A very clear and understandable explanation of how to calculate standard deviation by hand 😀

  23. Hlengiwe Ngutha says:

    Help please.

    A retailer observes that the demand for a popular board game averages 40 per week with the standard deviation of 13. If the seller wishes to have adequate stock 99% of the time, at least how many games must she keep on hand?

  24. John Bishoppe Laput says:

    It is good if resulted with negative number?

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