Teach with a Tablet (Full Tutorial + Demo)

Teach with a Tablet (Full Tutorial + Demo)

Teach with a Tablet (Full Tutorial + Demo)

In this tutorial you will learn how to record online lessons using a tablet. This is the same teaching tool Salman Khan from Khan Academy has used to record thousands of lectures on math, physics, chemistry, finance, and dozens of other topics.

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Click on the time code to jump to each section in this video:

00:00 – Teaching online with a tablet
00:22 – Who is Salman Khan
01:23 – List of all the equipment to teach with a tablet
02:42 – Which tablet should you use?
03:30 – Best USB microphones to teach online
04:26 – Best white boarding apps for sketching
04:58 – Best screen recording apps
06:22 – Cheap tablet setup vs Fancy tablet setup
06:52 – Best practices to teach using a tablet by Sal Khan
07:38 – Record a lesson using a tablet, Sketchpad, and Screencast-O-Matic
16:56 – Record a lesson using a tablet, Adobe Sketchbook, and ScreenFlow

Here is a list all the resources mentioned in this tutorial:

Beginner: Wacom Intuos → https://amzn.to/2ymxcg3
Advanced: Wacom Cintiq → https://amzn.to/2ypisNU
Advanced: iPad Pro → https://amzn.to/2WPDmPG

Samson Go → https://amzn.to/2WMtshw
Blue Snowball → https://amzn.to/2XhyHFa
Blue Yeti → https://amzn.to/3gj0VrQ
AT2200 USB → https://amzn.to/2XktmNa

Sketchpad (web based) → https://sketchpad.app/
Autodesk Sketchbook (Windows/Mac) → https://sketchbook.com/
SmoothDraw (Windows) → http://www.smoothdraw.com/sd

Camtasia (Windows/Mac) → https://grumo.com/camtasia
ScreenFlow (Mac) → https://grumo.com/screenflow
Screencast-O-Matic Windows/Mac) → https://screencast-o-matic.com/

Salman explains how he records videos → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2F_dTulT0w
Behind the scenes Salman Khan → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTIkHRlpxjw


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Miguel @ Grumo

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38 Responses to “Teach with a Tablet (Full Tutorial + Demo)”

  1. Naufal Ahmad says:

    Big thanks for Salman Khan, it helps me in studying lesson 🥳

  2. Irene Cheng says:

    I'm just starting to teach online and isn't this a gold mine! Thanks a lot!!

  3. The Good Cook says:

    Very nice. Thank you for the information.

  4. Anshul Chauhan says:

    I think you meant Autodesk Sketchbook

  5. Salma Vian says:

    If i have a normal android tablet not a drawing tablet how to use it for that purpose ?

  6. Prince Garg says:

    Hey man, i presumed you Tony Stark at the start of the video 😛

  7. Subramanya Krishnamurthy says:

    Love your energy! Very nice way to introduce the topic. BTW, did anyone tell you, you resemble Robert Downey Jr? Good job and thanks for the video!!

  8. haifa khdair says:

    Can I use wacom for drawing lessons?

  9. Greg Pierce says:

    Great video!! How would you utilize the iPad Pro?

  10. the artist says:

    Use obs and davincii resolve. They're both free and outstanding

  11. Karen Cofré says:

    You speak english very well but i get the feeling that english is not your first language right?

  12. Mr Unfunny Man says:

    the title should be "how to teach online A-Z like Salman Khan"

  13. Eamon Hannon says:

    You mention Waycom Intuos. Is it Waycom Intuos Medium or Waycom Intuos Small you are recommending ?

  14. Canis Africanis says:

    Thanks! Engaging and informative!

  15. Abhishek choudhary says:

    It was an amazing video

  16. David Adams says:

    Thank you, Miguel! I really enjoyed the video. Before I started, my handwriting looked like #*@&$^. You showed us Sketchbook, the pen tool, and the black background. While my handwriting is merely ugly now, I have hope! Cheers!

  17. Thomas Salmon says:

    Also good to mention that Windows 10 Game bar let's you record your screen for free if you are a PC user (Win 10)

  18. Thomas Salmon says:

    Wow, I just loved the enthusiasm. Nice and clear video, bravo.

  19. Eyad Amayreh says:

    Got me laughing so hard 😀 Now this looks like content I will enjoy. Thank you!

  20. Paulos Ntsweng says:

    Can one use sketch pad as whiteboard with zoom

  21. Faris Alyousef says:

    If there is such thing as a perfect introduction to a creator then I experience it today. First ever video I watched from this channel and in like 3 seconds im laughing at the way he is saying tablet. Will keep an eye out for your content, nice to meet ya Grumo!

  22. Lottie B says:

    Thank you this is very good! I bought a relatively cheap tablet as I’m on a budget (an XP pen) and so far so good.
    I’m still messing with different whiteboards… I’m used to smart notebook but it doesn’t seem to have the maths tools now. I will experiment with Adobe.
    Do you know if you can export to PDF and also upload PDFs too as I need to demonstrate exam papers in my classes.

    Many thanks!

  23. Kumar Sambhav says:

    HEY !! Apart from salman , even ur voice is a magic,

  24. Claudio Slamovits says:

    IF SALMAN KHAN SO CAN YOU!!! (sorry I had to do it)

  25. B G says:

    Thank you so much. I was in the process of starting YouTube channel to tutor Math. Your video was very helpful. Thanks again just subscribed I like your relaxed way of sharing

  26. Tom Young says:

    Why can't you just use a stylus and write on the Laptop's touchpad?

  27. 30_ Yovita says:

    Thank you so much! Simple yet informative!

  28. krishna swamy says:

    Is it possible to write on a powerpoint too?

  29. Aun Ahmed says:

    How can I teach online, if I have to use a powerpoint presentation plus I would need to annotate or write on the slides, as I speak?

  30. Kenneth Crandall says:

    super helpful!

  31. Rockstar EV says:

    thank you!

  32. Random Play XD says:

    Que buen video, yo inicialmente estaba buscando como integrar mi tab s7 en la edición de videos y termine viendo el video al completo XD, por cierto tu ingles es muy bueno super sencillo de entender y sin necesidad de activar los captions en ningún momento 👍

  33. Nick Davies says:

    This is fantastic, and you are a hero… I wish you all the best. Thanks so much

  34. AlexTrinh says:

    How about touch screen laptop like lenovo yoga, hp envy…?

  35. George Walker says:

    How do you clip segments of the screen recording without making what has been recorded in audio out of sink? Must one re-record the audio after parts of video has been clipped? For example, if the entire segment where the pythagorean theorem is drawn were clipped, how would the voice-over regarding the pythagorean theorem make sense without also being edited?

  36. Fujiwara 藤原 says:

    Grazie Mille!

  37. Study hard says:

    How to get circular webcam layout just like you ?

  38. Razan Alsultan says:

    Hi bro💙thank you so much for the explanation, but what if I want to draw and comment on a prezi show(like powerpoint ) , can I??!

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