Ti-84 Calculator: Downloading Programs

Ti-84 Calculator: Downloading Programs

Ti-84 Calculator: Downloading Programs

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37 Responses to “Ti-84 Calculator: Downloading Programs”

  1. Parker Jones says:

    i dont hvae the charger….

  2. Emily Nathali Contreras Vivas says:

    Thank you so much!!

  3. Tanya Parker says:

    Tried for the first time today works great!~

  4. Oscar T. Grouch says:

    Slow down

  5. P Rincess says:

    Hello. I am taking a test and would like to know if this program will clear once they reset my calculator?

  6. Jesse Chippindale says:

    Can you use an iPad to download programs onto your computer

  7. ghaida Elmasheiti says:

    Question…. do any of these programs count as CAS ??? Or are there any CAS programs I can download …?

  8. Emma C. Rothwell says:

    when i download programs should i download them to my archive or RAM? Please help!

  9. Sazzad Hossain Shohan says:

    matching lipstick+ nail polish = noice!

  10. Exodus fivesixfivesix says:

    Go figure. The only benefits to owning an apple product is self validation. You didn't pay 300% more than the device is worth. lol

  11. Rani Kumari says:


  12. :: RawCyberHub :: says:

    she sounds like a snake with her "ssssss"

  13. Yemi Arogundade says:

    On my tí 84 plus ce, it says "error: data type"
    Please help

  14. Lola Loren says:

    Where can I buy that calculator ? Thank's

  15. Roland Perez says:

    if she slowly speak i will able to understand why im here!!

  16. nicole schroeders says:

    do they have you clear your RAM before the ACT though? the programs go away when you clear your ram but i haven't taken the ACT yet so i am not sure.

  17. norua Ali says:

    are allowed to have programs on act ?

  18. Wolfie442 Wolfe says:

    I think I messed up by downloading something, it says “ please install operating system now.” It won’t let me use my calculator does anyone know how to fix this ?

  19. Joeun Kim says:

    Thank you this helped so much

  20. Su Jun says:

    Thank you miss! You speak very fast!

  21. Garrett Sakomizu says:

    So apparently I found out that for Nspire Calculators (I have TI Nspire CX II CAS with OS you need a program called TI Nspire CX CAS software. Whenever I try to transfer programs onto my handheld, the CX CAS software says that I cannot transfer .zip files that I have downloaded onto my PC into my calculator and that I can only transfer .tns files. I used an unzipping program called 7-zip, but I'm still not sure how to get the unzipped files onto my calculator. What do I do?

  22. marty pop says:

    Dont they clear calculators before the test though??

  23. johnray benito says:

    Play this on 0.75× speed to understand properly.

  24. Le scenette dello Zoo di 105 says:

    Costs top much

  25. iLove Cinema says:

    I know a lot of people that talk fast, but you're way faster. Thanks for the video!

  26. Dark Glacier says:

    my calculator is plugged in and connected, but there is no device explorer on my ti connect window…help?!

  27. mgamma5001 says:

    Nice tuto, do you have a way to program -b/2a part of the quadratic equation?

  28. Chris Dragotta says:

    This chick talks so fast I feel like Im gonna have a heart attack!

    You and Camille Paglia.

  29. Jed Maegraith says:

    Can someone help me? Ive plugged it in, but It just stays on searching for device the whole time!

  30. Caleb Thomas says:

    when i try to download files onto my calculator through ti-84 connect ce it says the file is invalid. anyone know a fix?

  31. Esam Ahsan says:

    What a great informative video!! Thanks a lot !!

  32. kxlluaz says:

    Watching this with my name being her name

  33. sganime96 says:

    thank you, now i know to quit programs

  34. Jerome Ramey says:

    because everyone uses a mac…

  35. Maggie Grace says:

    are you allowed to have this on act

  36. Rex Mayem says:

    I have a Casio fx-9750gii anyone knows the website to download the program's I got SAT tommorow and never figured out what website I could use for my calculator

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