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Today I will be sharing the best tips I have come across in my many years of being a tutor. I have been a tutor since eighth grade and these are the tips that I have accumulated through my tutoring experience and from my students.
Step 1: Teach confidence to your students. The more confidence they have in the subject the better they will do.
Step 2: Be Supportive. You need to create an environment that promotes learning and being supportive of your students is the best way to create that environment.
Step 3: Bring in real world examples into your sessions. The more students can relate the subject to the real world the more they will be interested in learning.
Step 4: Don’t be Cocky. You are not better than the student. Cockiness is always very noticeable and it comes off as being condescending as well.
Step 5: Remember you are in charge. Just as you should be supportive , you should expect your students to be supportive and respectful as well.

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  1. It’zCookieCream says:

    My friends parents are going to pay someone to tutor her so We are going to go tell them that I can tutor her and I’m gonna get money yuh!

  2. Lilibeth Catacutan says:

    I'm almost 18 yrs in tutorial industry…I did well,,almost my tutees are contestant in academics,,as well assest of their school….I want my tutees alwsys alive and should always know what lessons we are discussing, at the end of the school year..they are all achiever…my very strict tutor,,are you agree being strict tutor,,please give your opinion,,thank you,

  3. الأستاذ عباس جوهري says:


  4. Nadia Mahutte 22 says:

    thank you so much!

  5. c p says:

    I think I want you as a tutor

  6. cartoon cat says:

    IM A 👸 FAN

    UM NO


  7. Tutoriais Simples says:

    guys stop by my channel I thank you all.

  8. Nathan Anderson élève says:

    I had 2 session already and I sucked, I feel like I’m not teaching the right stuff and that he’s not ready for it, any advice??

  9. Ziphozonke Madlala says:

    Amazing video. 🙌🏾 well done on being a great tutor. I have a feeling that I will ace my tutoring job interview.

  10. SAar K says:

    Thanks I feel a lot less anxious now

  11. letiens Naina says:

    Hey m gonna tutor 1st grader tomorrow and I’m so nervous 🥺♥️

  12. Nieve says:

    I just got a message asking me if I can tutor, this helps calm my nervousness and excitement at the same time

  13. Light Noir says:

    can you make a video on how to keep the studen enganged? especially if its elementary students?

  14. Bradley Dibble says:

    This is so useless. I could have figured it out on my own

  15. Moonflower says:

    I'm about to start tutoring someone that is like 10+ years older (i'm 20 and she is in her 30s) than me and i'm SUPER nervous. This is also my very first time tutoring someone else aside from my litter sister. Thank you sm for this video!

  16. Chad Henderson says:

    Great advice and it's clear you care and have good intentions. Thanks for such good words of wisdom.

  17. Alya Soliman says:

    Thank you that was helpful, I love your confidence.

  18. JAYWLEE says:

    I am a sophomore and I'm tutoring a freshman tomorrow. Hope it goes well

  19. Nadia Riley says:
    I am a tutor myself, and I appreciate the tips!

  20. Hello Hello says:

    Thank you for this video! I’m looking to start tutoring to get my volunteer hours, and I have no clue what I’m doing, so this was very helpful!

  21. Yuimiia says:

    I’m a 5th grader and I have to tutor my 2 classmates and I’m nervous

  22. Merce Estillore says:

    Thank you

  23. Thais Tiemi says:

    This video is amazing 🙂 Social skills are so important! People want to be valued. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  24. 冬美Fuyumi says:

    im in 8th grade and im gonna start tutoring soon im so nervous

  25. Aleli Dela Cruz says:

    I'll be tutoring a second grader few hours from now. I hope im not too late for this.

  26. Layla says:

    I am a 7th grader and I am going to start to tutor 2nd and below and I am so nervous

  27. Kyler Weitman says:

    I don’t know where to start. I’m in grade nine and feel comfortable tutoring elementary students but I don’t know where to start. Does anyone have advice?

  28. kik kaka says:

    Top rated #Experienced, professional and patient #math #tutor !  

    I hold an Advanced National #Tutor #Certificate, proficient in a plethora of teaching expertise, possess excellent communication and lateral thinking skills as well as a clear diction and highly confident demeanor. #students #mathematic #takelessons

  29. Tamica Mopp says:

    I love the last tip wow!

  30. Ramona Thielke says:

    I start a tutoring job on Tuesday for a second grader reading and writing any tips

  31. Nikunj Majithia says:

    Cadella:every student that i have thought has a brain
    Every student that i have thought is smart and intellegent
    Hold my Beer

  32. Neuron Cell says:

    Thank You so much, im a senior in college and im going to be a tutor, im introverted and so social situations like this make me extremely nervous (although I can usually fake it quite well lol) its just tougher when youre the one in charge now! 🙁

  33. Ashley Talkington says:

    I’m a 6th grader tutoring a 5th grader tomorrow!

  34. mydogissmartandwellbehaved 10 says:

    I love your personality!

  35. David B says:

    you're awesome 🙂 thank you for the tips. I've been tutoring a long time but its good to be reminded of these things. Tutoring is as much about the sort of connection you have with your student as it is about the material you're teaching

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