What is Stridhan according to the Dayabhaga School?– Explained!

“That alone is Stridhan which she (a woman) has power to give, sell, or use independently of her husband’s control”.

Affirmatively, all gifts from relations constitute Stridhan ex­cept a gift of immovable property made by husband; and the gifts from strangers who constitute Stridhan if made before the nuptial fire or at the bridal procession.

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The following properties are not Stridhan according to this school:

(1) Property inherited by a woman.

(2) Property obtained by her on partition.

(3) Gifts from a stranger made after the nuptial fire or bridal procession.

(4) Property acquired by the mechanical arts.

The Dayabhaga School of Hindu Law has used the word Stridhan in a restricted and technical sense, whereas the Mi­takshara School has given it a broader meaning.

The rights of a woman over Stridhan are:

(1) That during maidenhood, a Hindu female cans disposes of her Stridhan of every description at her pleasure.

(2) That during coverture (during the life-time of the hus­band) she can dispose of only that kind of Stridhan which is called Saudayika, i.e., gift from relations except those made by the husband.

(3) That during widowhood she can dispose of the Stridhan of every description at her pleasure including movable property given by her husband, but not immovable property given by him.

As in Mitakshara, property inherited by a woman from an­other woman is not Stridhan, so in Dayabhaga also the property inherited by a woman from another woman is not her Stridhan.

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