What is the Difference between “Preparation” and “Attempt”? – Explained!

2. After preparation ends, the attempt starts.

3. In the preparation stage, the person, still has the time to change his intention, and to withdraw from the scene of offence.

4. A preparation is generally not punished, except under Sees. 122, 126, 399, etc.

5. A purchases poison with an intention to kill B. Upto this stage, A is not punishable.

6. It is impossible to show in most of cases that the preparation was directed to a wrongful end or was done with an evil motive or intention.


1. Attempt is the direct movement towards the commission after preparation is made.

2. Attempt begins, where preparation ends.

3. In the attempt stage, the person has no such chance, and the person shall be called as “Accused”.

4. Every attempt to do a criminal act defined in this Code is punishable.

5. A mixes the poison in the food which B is going to take; it is an attempt to commit the offence of murder. A is punishable.

6. An attempt is made punishable because every attempt although it fails to achieve the result, must create alarm, which of itself is an injury and the moral guilt of the offender is the same as if he had succeeded.

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