What is the Importance of Registration of Hindu Marriages?

Section 8 now provides that for the purpose of facilitating the proof of a Hindu Marriage, the State Government may make rules to provide that the parties to any such marriage may have the necessary particulars entered in a Hindu Marriage Register kept for the purpose.

The greatest and the most obvious advantage of a Register of Marriages is that it facilitates proof of the fact of the marriage in disputed cases. The State Government is also empowered to make such registration compulsory, and prescribe fine for the parties concerned, if marriages are not entered in the Register.

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Such a Register is to be kept open for inspection at all reasonable times, and certified extracts can be obtained on payment of the prescribed fees. This Register can be called in evidence as regards the statements contained therein. It may, however, be noted that the validity of a Hindu marriage is not effected in any way by the omission to have it entered in the Hindu Marriage Register, even if it is compulsory to do so. The only consequence is that a fine not exceeding Rs. 25, may be levied.

It will thus be seen that the Hindu Marriage Act does not itself lay down any rules relating to registration of marriages or the time- limits within which such registration is to take place; it merely empowers the State Government to make such rules.

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