Why the World’s Best Mathematicians Are Hoarding Chalk

Why the World’s Best Mathematicians Are Hoarding Chalk

Why the World’s Best Mathematicians Are Hoarding Chalk

Once upon a time, not long ago, the math world fell in love … with a chalk. But not just any chalk! This was Hagoromo: a Japanese brand so smooth, so perfect that some wondered if it was made from the tears of angels. Pencils down, please, as we tell the tale of a writing implement so irreplaceable, professors stockpiled it.

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41 Responses to “Why the World’s Best Mathematicians Are Hoarding Chalk”

  1. KryptoTightPussyKween says:

    Chalkter White

  2. Alan Velasquez says:

    It also produces long-term cancer in the lungs.

  3. Ariana Davis says:

    They eat it

  4. Zeldadude17 says:

    Why the hell am I watching this

  5. VassilliHD says:

    Anyone else want a chalkboard after watching this?

  6. no name says:

    Dude it's just fucking chalk

  7. Secret Name says:

    Jessie do you wanna sell chalk? You and me

  8. Sonny Saragena says:

    The full box of chalk is the best magazine for teachers 😃😃😃

  9. John Pavon says:

    Old Blackboards are rare, these were made from a thin sliverlayer of slate on a composite board Solis Brother-(two brothers) made most of the old school black boards in the west coast, these were designed for candle light, later the green boads were designed, then replace by the present day white boards.

  10. GraViTyAboVe says:

    To the greatest minds out there. Keep on going for the rest of us.

  11. jeffchan7 says:

    Yep, good tools yield good results.

  12. ismail shaikh says:

    Me- I wanna be a mathematician

    YouTube- Do you like chalks?

  13. stonks says:


  14. eifach Dave says:

    Mathematicians: the real gangstas

  15. Joseph Cope says:

    They're more than welcome to my share of chalk. I detest it. I'll take multi-colored dry erase markers for writing on a white board any time.

  16. Bruno Tomczyk says:

    I miss the blackboard so much. Here in Brazil the schools've changed to whiteboards and marker pens

  17. Guy Who Ate All The Pizza says:

    Idiots: Panic buy Toilet Paper and Gasoline

    Mathematicians: Hoard Chalk

  18. Fizzy izzy says:

    Why tf am I watching this at 1am? I'm not even a teacher

  19. No Name says:

    My mind: " David a university professor who uses 8 chalks every weekdays. Calculate the amount of chalk he needed for 15 years excluding the holidays. "

  20. John Mayer says:

    So the worlds best mathematicians are all old school, no whiteboards and magic markers. I wonder why that is? If somebody could answer me I would be thankful.

  21. Space says:

    Girl: I would do anything for a better grade
    Professor smirks
    Girl: So you want me to-
    Professor: You have Hagoromo in blue?

  22. The Badger Den says:

    I literally went on Amazon and ordered a box of chalk after watching this.

  23. Élise Renée Kouloukas says:

    Available on Amazon 👍🏾

  24. Andreas Yogi Prasetyo says:

    British PM is a mathematician plus a chalk hoarder too? Damn. That's wicked.

  25. Kazeltadaa says:

    Well, they prbly have never tried the Apple pencils tho

  26. RagingBull says:

    chalk is chalk

    ah yes the floor here is floor

  27. Chad says:

    To all you math professionals who want this chalk.
    You can buy it from Amazon.
    You're welcome.

  28. Hamza Omari says:

    Hagoromo the six chalks. The origin of chalk cahkra

  29. Iraqiboi999 says:

    I like how their using their chalk for the video about people hoarding chalk.

  30. Justbecause Ican says:

    I had the same thing when i was still in high school. You had garbage chalk and thr soft chalk. When you had the soft chalk it was such a satisfaction.

  31. French Pleb says:

    Ah yes the 6 paths Chalk sage

  32. Red Rook says:

    Finally these mathematicians describe something that i can actually understand!

  33. Kurt McComas says:


  34. manfeetchill 69 says:

    sage of the six chalks

  35. Tejas Kulkarni says:

    Mathematicians use it for writing
    Legend will use this as a snack🤣

  36. Gic Fjd says:

    My father used to come home with chalk all over his clothes

  37. ShutUpCatProductions says:

    I bet the Japanese girl has more then all of them!

  38. 이세현 says:

    it’s korean chalk

  39. justaguywatchinyoutube says:

    Something more interesting than me
    And im the one saying it

  40. dinesh says:

    actually what are they trying to solve?

  41. Pittman Fabian says:

    The imminent record intraoperatively unpack because cabinet analogously answer concerning a hissing surname. loving, careful raincoat

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