Write a Very Short Application for a Job

With reference to the advertisement appearing in the newspapers of the recruitment of cadets to the para­military force under your kind command, I wish to present myself as a candidate.

The age requirement, educational qualifications and physical fitness standards aptly fit me for the selection.

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1. My age on ____________ (Date). I passed my High School examination last year from the ____________ (School Name) and Intermediate Education and was placed in the II division with distinction in mathematics.

2. My height is ____________”.

3. I had been taking part in the games and sports of the school and have won several prizes.

4. I possess a robust physique.

If given a chance, I am prepared to undergo all physical tests and feel confident that I shall do well in them.

Further details on the prescribed perform as required are submitted herewith.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

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